Democrats for children? NYC Mayor Eric Adams kicks more students out of their school to house illegals

NEW YORK CITY- The next time you hear Democrats bloviating about Republicans not taking care of “the children,” remember what they did this past week in New York. According to The Right Scoop, the Democrat-run city decided to kick school children out of their high school and force them to take online classes to house 2,000 illegal aliens who broke the law to be here. Let that sink in. 

The incident took place this past week when rain and high winds inundated an airfield in Brooklyn that has been set up as a tent city for illegals. New York City officials decided to remove high school students from James Madison High School in New York [who must be rolling in his grave], forcing them into remote learning.

New York learned nothing from the failed 2020-21 experiment where children were forced to learn from home during the COVID-19 virus scare. 

The decision angered lawmakers and parents, who were given only one day’s notice that their children were being unceremoniously booted from their school. In fact, according to CBS News New York, the backlash was so intense that the school received a bomb threat. Meanwhile, parents were livid about the situation. 

Parents and community leaders stood outside James Madison High School this week and demanded answers after the classes were moved online to make room for the illegal aliens. 

“It’s inexcusable to do this to the students of New York City high schools, especially after all they’ve been through with COVID,” one parent said. 

“They have to come up with another solution. They cannot do this to school kids,” said a city resident who only gave his name as Steve. 

The New York Post reported one student was upset that the city appeared to be putting illegal aliens ahead of her and her fellow students. 

“I do believe they are putting the life of people who are here illegally and not documented over my life. I am a 15-year-old girl at the school who wants to get her education and better her life, and she can’t come to school today because the day was interrupted by people who aren’t supposed to be here.” 

Her mother, only identified by her first name, Maria, also slammed city officials. 

“The writing was on the wall the minute the city started being inundated with migrants. It’s disgusting. It should not be put on us taxpayers.” 

Speaking aloud in a statement intended for feckless Mayor Eric Adams, Assemblyman Mike Riley said, “Mr. Mayor, you knew this was going to happen. Everyone knew this was going to happen.” 

Another parent, Elina Bekker, called the decision to keep kids home a “horrible decision” during a rally held outside James Madison. 

“We were concerned how this will affect those students in the future if it’s a one-time thing. But if it’s going to be a recurring event, it’s definitely not acceptable.” 

“The school should not be used,” she continued. “Our kids are supposed to be here feeling safe and able to learn. Many of our kids have Regents coming up in February [and] they just lost a day of school, a day of learning.” 

Those protesting slammed Adams for using public schools as shelters while noting the current “shelter” located at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn was a poor choice since its location along Jamaica BZay makes it susceptible to the weather. 

“We need a more sustainable plan, and we know another storm is coming, one of [sic] two of them,” said another lawmaker, Assemblywoman Jamie Williams of Brooklyn.

 The illegals were bused back to Floyd Bennett field on Wednesday morning, but only after kids were forced out of their high school for a day. The timing of that move–4:15 am on Wednesday–left people scratching their heads due to the costs, staffing, and planning required to move nearly 2,000 people at such an early hour. 

“I’m sympathetic to migrants, to have no idea why they were removed during the night. Those people have kids–4:15 in the morning? School is closed anyways. They could have stayed here until 6 or 7 am,” said Assemblyman Michael Novakhov. 

City officials promised not to use James Madison again, however, New York City Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol said the city acted “out of an abundance of caution to insure the safety and well-being of individuals working and living at the center.” He also rued that Floyd Bennett Field was the only location offered by state and federal officials for a shelter. 

“We were hoping that maybe we would be provided a military base, an airfield, a park someplace upstate, someplace outside the city, someplace where we could do some of this work. What was provided to us was Floyd Bennett Field. All of us in the city understand that Floyd Bennett Field is not an ideal place to be housing families with children,” Iscol said. 

City officials were upset about the bomb threat and several hate calls they received, calling them “deplorable” while promising to investigate them as possible criminal offenses. 

What do they expect? Biden and the Democrats have allowed an invasion at our southern border, and cities and states are being forced to deal with the result. When foreign invaders are treated better than American citizens, what do they expect? 

The move also drew the attention of members of Congress, with Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) tweeting:

“Nearly 2,000 illegal aliens are being relocated to James Madison High School in New York. School instruction will now be conducted remotely there. New York has shut down a school so that it can become a shelter for illegal aliens. Biden’s border invasion is here.” 

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Just why are those criminal illegals in our country in the first place? If the government would do its job and seal the borders, this problem would never happen. And that NY Mayor should be recalled asap!


You don't blame a rabid dog for being a rabid dog. You do blame the idiots who let it loose on a playground full of children. The liberal voters are to blame for the problems all these Democrat run cities have.

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