Bombshell report suggests DHS and FBI designate many Trump supporters as "domestic violence terrorists"

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - According to reports, Newsweek recently published an article stating that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have "quietly" created a new category of domestic violent extremists (DVE's) - former President Donald Trump supporters. Newsweek wrote:

"From the president down, the Biden administration has presented Trump and MAGA as an existential threat to American democracy and talked up the risk of domestic terrorism and violence associated with the 2024 election campaign."

The article stated that Biden's Homeland Security Advisor Liz Sherwood-Randall said in a statement:

"The use of violence to pursue political ends is a profound threat to our public safety and national security ... it is a threat to our national identity, our values, our norms, our rule of law - our democracy."

FBI Director Christopher Wray claims that the "breach of the Capitol building" was "not an isolated event and that the threat is not going away anytime soon." 

A senior intelligence official who works at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said that it is "hard to digest all of the evidence," adding:

"But I say this as a citizen as much as a government analyst, we are in a unique moment and the numbers are daunting."

He said:

"This is not media hype. But it's also not easily quantifiable. Are we talking just a few thousand Proud Boy types or are we talking 30 percent of the country that are core Trump voters? Are we talking extremists bent on political violence or just a lot of disgruntled and frustrated citizens? I don't know the answer and I can assure you the answer isn't in any secret intelligence that the government possesses."

It seems that the intelligence official has not checked recent polls because support for Trump as of mid-September was 62 percent, nearly double what the official claimed. 

That means that former President Trump currently carries support from the majority of the entire country and so the "threat" description applied by those quoted in the Newsweek article are just trying to use their "power" to push a false narrative.

The people DHS and the FBI are categorizing as "domestic terrorists" are those in the workforce - the backbone of industry and the people who keep it all working. As quoted by the Conservative Treehouse:

"We are also digital warriors, meme creators, artists, researchers, autists and ordinarily invisible people now considered dissidents in our own country ... The builders, diggers and blue-collar workforce that keeps everything functioning."


"We are the movers of goods, the truckers, the farmers, the nameless people behind the skilled trades that keep what they call American society moving. We are the people who grow the food, pick the food, transport the food, stock the food, cook the food and facilitate the life they live."


"We are the majority. We are self-reliant, freedom loving, normally peaceful and God-fearing assembly ... We are optimistic, affable, kind, generous, friendly, loyal, warm and quietly spiritual in purpose. We are polite, considerate and slow to anger."


"We prefer to be left alone. However, pushed entirely far enough, decisions are reached. Right now, we are tenuously staring with deepened gaze. We are increasingly (expletive) off ... Big time! However, we are not destabilized. We are awake."

MAGA supports are Americans, and they are resolute and of common purpose. 
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