Law enforcement and health are connected; here's how to master both

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Editor note: From depression to low energy levels, those who hold the thin blue line have dealt with these problems and so many more.  That's why we're proudly partnered with Advanced Vitality HRT to help get to the source of the physical problem and help correct it in those who serve.

Every law enforcement officer who dons the uniform and goes on patrol knows firsthand how the tour of duty can go. Sometimes, the tour can go without a hitch. You respond to a few simple calls (you know, the cat stuck in a tree), process some paperwork, and go home completely unscathed.

Other days aren't so smooth.

You may have to respond to a sensitive but dangerous domestic violence dispute, a robbery in progress, or a suspect walking downtown brandishing a machete.

These scenarios can quickly escalate and put the responding officers at risk. Suspects may direct their attention to the officers who must now fight for their lives.

That's when training kicks in, and you go through your use-of-force continuum. The interaction may lead to physical force, and you find yourself grappling with a suspect to gain control of him and the situation.

That is no easy feat, and a great reminder of why staying in top physical condition is so incredibly important.

When you are early in your law enforcement career, you are young, generally fit, and healthy.

But what happens in the latter part of your career? Hopefully, you maintain the discipline to continue to exercise and stay fit. But even if you do, your body will continue to age naturally.

You will likely not be as physically healthy as you once were when you graduated from the police academy.

There is something you can do to maintain an optimal physical fitness level that is safe, clean, and effective – and can save your life: hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Hormone replacement therapy for men is a medical intervention for those suffering from hormone imbalance. HRT works by replacing hormones that are either naturally low or out of balance, allowing men to maintain healthy levels and feel physically better, stronger, and younger.

Officers are especially prone to hormonal imbalance because of the stress associated with the job. So even if you are young and early in your career, your hormones may already be out of balance.

"Stress can elevate cortisol levels, a hormone associated with the body's 'fight or flight' response. Increased cortisol levels can inhibit testosterone production in males, leading to a decrease in testosterone levels," a spokesperson for Advanced Vitality HRT said. Advanced Vitality HRT is LET's trusted partner in hormone replacement therapy.

The spokesman continued, "Prolonged or chronic stress may contribute to persistent disruptions in testosterone regulation, potentially affecting various aspects of male overall health."

Do you want to be the officer with health issues? The one your shift can't count on to hold his own in a fight? Of course not.

If there is one thing everyone in the law enforcement profession knows, it's that we are in a "flight or fight" mode on a pretty routine basis. That makes us prime candidates for severely impacted hormonal balance issues.

Don't wait until you are in a fight for your life situation before you look into hormone replacement therapy. Every officer knows that dangerous criminals don't care how old you are, if you are male or female, or if you are physically at risk. If they intend on attacking you, they're going 100% full force.

You must always be ready; your life could depend on it. Advanced Vitality HRT can help.
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