LA man claims is why he was 'stripped' of his firearm permit after protecting his family from masked and armed intruders

Editor's Note: Law Enforcement Today has reached out to the LACSD as well as the Los Angeles Police Department for comment and clarification on this matter. Despite our repeated attempts at gaining an understanding as to why the man has lost his permit despite not facing any charges, we were simply told he could "reapply" for it to protect his "Second Amendment rights".  

We've asked why he'd need to reapply for something that it appears legally he never should have lost - and our requests have been met with silence.  Our official position at Law Enforcement Today is that the Constitution is the ultimate guiding document - which is why an oath is taken to the Constitution.  We will continue to fight to defend that Constitution - including and especially when it appears to be violated by those who are supposed to uphold it.

LOS ANGELES, CA - A man in Los Angeles had his firearm permit revoked after facing down two masked and armed intruders at his family home. According to Vince Ricci, he was stripped of his firearm permit simply because he "yelled at cops” that arrived after the event.

Vince Ricci stated that he was advised by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LACSD) that he would lose the privilege of having a firearm license.

Ricci was arriving home on November 4 to his family, including his infant who was asleep. Two masked intruders attempted to break into his home upon his arrival.

Ricci, seen in a video that the National Rifle Association put together, explains his situation. In the video, he stated that he was advised last week that his concealed carry certification was revoked after his intervention of the intruders attempting to gain entry to his $2 million home.

He went on to say that he was surprised that his Second Amendment rights could be affected after he had just protected his family from being attacked by perpetrators.

The wealthy CEO of a photo business, Ricci, said he was told that the reason for the CCW removal was due to him having screamed at members of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Ricci, an entrepreneur, had just gotten home from his business in a gated community when he was accosted by two masks individuals trying to break into his home. It was at this time that, attempting to protect himself, his wife, his child, and the nanny, he pulled out his weapon and got into a firefight with the suspects.

"After successfully defending my home, my family and my five-month-old child, California, [has] now decided to suspend my Second Amendment (rights),” Ricci said in an interview with Fox News digital.

It is not known why his CCW would be revoked simply because he had yelled at investigators or what other details contributed to this decision. Ricci also said the LAPD showed sloppy police work as they did not pick up any shell casings at the shooting site.

California is one of the states that it is extremely difficult to obtain a concealed weapons permit. According to Ricci, it is more difficult in California than most any other US state.

In California, residents over the age of 18 can legally carry firearms on private property and residences without a permit.

In finishing his interview, Ricci stated, “This is happening over and over again across the country…People are sweeping it under the rug because it doesn't fit their political agenda. The fact is that evil will always exist. My situation is unique because it happened at my front door, all on camera.

“But this is happening over and over again across the country…People are sweeping it under the rug because it doesn’t fit their political agenda. The fact is that evil will always exist."

Law Enforcement Today is awaiting further information from both mentioned agencies and will update when it's available.

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