More suspected terrorists arrested just this past October than over three years under Trump

As the fiscal year 2024 has begun, the southern border crisis continues to be a major focus for border patrol. The first month alone has seen nearly 190,000 illegal migrants apprehended coming into the USA.

This information is based upon a report from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Further, according to recently updated data, there have been more illegal immigrants found on the terrorist watchlist apprehended in this past October than in full three years under former President Donald Trump. 

CBP reported 13 arrests of illegal migrants on the terrorist watchlist in October. Conversely, the agency said that between 2018 and 2020 fiscal years, there were only 12 total encounters and arrests of illegal immigrants found on the watchlist.

The past month's apprehension rate does, however, illustrate a lower rate as compared to one year ago. The numbers from that time period in October of 2022 represented figures of approximately 205,000 illegals being taken into custody.

In October of this year, Southwest border patrol sectors reported 188,777 individuals being taken into custody.

Since Joe Biden has taken up residence in the White House, border patrol agents have seen a noticeable rise in illegal immigrant crossing and apprehension. In October of 2021, Biden's first year, the apprehension rate was just over 159,000, which was almost a 100,000 person rise comparative to President Trump's last October in office, which saw just 69,000 illegal immigrants.

According to CBP officials, the removal of Venezuelan migrants crossing the border could be attributed to the slight decline of 13.7% apprehension rate from the month before of 218,763 migrants

Of these apprehensions, the figures broke down to approximately 93,000 single adults, 84,000 family units, and 10,000-plus unaccompanied minors.

Earlier in the summer, Biden rescinded the Title 42 pandemic policy put into place by his predecessor, which was widely criticized by Republicans and even some Democrats.

The former president established Title 42 as a national emergency response related to the coronavirus pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created Title 42, “giving it the ability to deny the mission of goods and people who pose a risk of spreading a communicable disease.”

With the cancellation of the CDC policy, there was an expectation that a humanitarian crisis would occur with the increased volume of illegal immigrants crossing over into the United States. That concern turned out to be justified, along with safety issues, as increased activity of illegals entering was significant from July to August.

Many migrants that have entered in have been primarily at this time come from Central America, Cuba, and the Andes, with Asia and European nationals joining the ranks. Although there had been a lowered number of illegals actually apprehended for a period of time, that has changed course in recent months.

“In October, CBP also saw an overall decrease of 14 percent between ports of entry, as well as an overall decrease of family units,” according to a statement written by Troy A. Miller, senior official, performing the duties as Acting Commissioner.

But those numbers did not appear to be consistent across the board, as officials have seen an increase in illegal crossings around Tucson, Arizona. That sector alone noticed 150% increase in illegal migrants taken into custody.

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The Biden administration and democrats in general are no irresponsible, what they have done to my beloved country is absolutely deliberate.

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