Preteen steals forklift and goes on a joyride with police in pursuit

ANN ARBOR, MI - Things got interesting for Ann Arbor Michigan Police over the weekend as they were led on a chase by a 12-year-old boy operating a stolen construction vehicle. In the process of the chase, the young suspect hit approximately 10 parked vehicles along the pathway of the chase.

The Genie GTH-636 telehandler heavy duty construction vehicle was taken from outside Forsythe Middle School by the suspect. It is believed the child found a key still inside the cab and proceeded to operate the vehicle on the open road.

The construction equipment weighed over 35,000 pounds and was outfitted with a forklift at the front of the vehicle. During the chase, it was noted that the young man operated the forklift as he struck various parked cars along the pathway.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the low-speed chase. In a statement, police said, “This was a very dangerous situation that could have easily ended with serious injuries. The incident remains an active and ongoing criminal investigation.”

Police were made aware of the theft a little before 7:00 p.m. Saturday night. Upon responding to the location, authorities noted the vehicle headed down the street with no headlights on.

Speeds for the pursuit were anywhere up to 20 miles per hour through the Georgetown Boulevard neighborhood, according to authorities.

Ann Arbor police continued the pursuit until shortly before 7:30 p.m. as the child left Ann Arbor city limits at the M14 Bridge.

Washtenaw County Sheriff's officers continued the pursuit and ended the chase when the youth was apprehended around 8:00 p.m.

The adventure for the child began over the weekend at Forsythe Middle School, but there is no word if he attends that school.

Police responded to the school, and then discovered the vehicle was approximately a half a mile away where the chase began.

During the pursuit, officers could be heard over loud speakers shouting at the child to “pull over, pull over.'' Police noted that the suspect drove over a number of pylons that separated the road from a bike lane.

At one point during the chase, an officer could be heard over the radio telling everyone, “He's lowering the hooks. Don't get in front of the forklift.”

Upon being placed into custody, the youth was held in holding at the juvenile detention center for the weekend.

Because of his age, the child was not identified.

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Suspect: Black, Brown, wearing hoody, low hung pants.


Dad's gonna 'fork-out' some big bucks for his son's adventure ride. I wonder if his homeowners policy covers damage from minor criminal activity. Ans: NO!


I'm old school and I don't think that because he's 12 years old he should not be punished. Maybe one night in jail (alone) and then his Dad needs to give him the leather belt! Like I said not making your children mind and respect authority is how we all live in this gang era! I knew the belt and the only time I was inside a jail cell was a vacation trip to California ...Alcratraz. I have seen some in Houston while attending Citizens Police Academy in Houston & Fort Bend County. Please start correcting your children...our jails are already full! My opinion

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