Confirmed: Alert issued that cartels targeting Border Patrol agents, offering cash rewards for addresses, family info

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Editor note: For those who would argue this is "fake news", Law Enforcement Today has independently confirmed this alert with our contacts in both federal law enforcement and the National Border Patrol Council.

US-MEXICO BORDER- As we have seen in the current war in the Middle East, terrorists make no distinction between innocent and those who serve in a security capacity, be it in the military or police officers.

In some ways, those who serve and protect expect to be exposed to the possibility of injury or even death. It comes with the territory.

However, there is a thick line for those who serve and their families. That’s why a report from The Liberty Daily is so disturbing. The outlet reports that Customs and Border Protection has released an alert to agents, warning them that Mexican cartels are seeking their home addresses with the clear intention to target them and their families.

John Basham, posting on “X” broke the news:

“BREAKING: @CBP Has Issued An Alert To Agents Along The Southern @UnitedStates Border As #Mexico’s Narco-Terrorists Are Now Targeting Border Patrol Agents & Their Families. The Cartels Are Reportedly Issuing Rewards For Addresses Of Agents & Their Families!


This appears to be a side-effect of the Biden administration’s decision to open the southern border, allowing any illegal alien, including cartel members, to enter the country unabated. It has been widely reported that Mexican drug cartels are better armed than border patrol agents and have taken the unwritten invitation by the administration to gain a virtual stranglehold on the border.

It is estimated a minimum of six million illegal aliens have crossed the border, not counting the so-called “got-aways,” the number of which is unknown. The current policies are in stark contrast to former President Donald Trump, who had the border virtually locked down.

Mexican drug cartels have enriched themselves using Biden’s open border by offering transportation to illegals, delivering them to drop-off points, and ensuring their clients end up in the United States. That doesn’t count the millions of dollars made smuggling fentanyl into the U.S.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as those who manage to get into the U.S. tell family back home the ease at which they entered the country.
The only thing between the drug cartels and their lucrative businesses is the Customs and Border Patrol, hence their desire to take out them and their families.

The Liberty Daily published online ads from cartels as follows:

$200 your way if you get me a border patrol agent’s address.”

“$1k if you get me they [sic] mommas address.”

Last month, the New York Post wrote that cartels use military tactics at the border, with former Rep. Mayra Flores (R-Tex.) saying they are “better funded than Border Patrol.”

“They have a lot of power; they’re the most powerful organization in Mexico,” Flores told The Post.

In small border towns like Eagle Pass, TX., and cities like El Paso, mobs of over 2,000 illegal immigrants at once have turned themselves over to Border Patrol agents, overwhelming field agents.

“They’re using military tactics, the same way we do,” retired Border Patrol chief Thaddeus Cleveland told the outlet.

It is a game of high-stakes chess. When certain cities or counties see a surge in migrants, Border Patrol directs assets from other areas to respond, leaving gaps in those areas. Cleveland said this makes the areas less secure and allows cartels to take advantage and move people, including criminals, and drugs across the border.

“Border Patrol [are] overwhelmed by the staggering amount of people who continue to come over, but that goes to show you that the Mexican cartels control the border,” Cleveland said.

“They dictate our operational response. They know that we’re still the greatest country in the world and will ensure [migrants] rights. The cartels are dictating on a daily basis how Border Patrol operates.”

Cartel operations have also had an impact on international trade. For example, in September, international bridges were forced to close so ICE agents, who typically inspect either cargo or people legally entering the country, could assist the Border Patrol in screening illegal immigrants.

The mayor of Eagle Pass told The Post that the town, which has a population of 28,000, lost $15,000 per day that the bridge was closed. Goods from Mexico, such as auto parts, were stuck in the backlog.

Flores explained how cartels rake in an estimated $13 million a year by smuggling illegals into the U.S. She said in some areas, the cartels have “total control” over who can cross the border.

“East of El Paso, no one comes over unless you pay the cartels,” said a CBP agent, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“That area is really bad right now because south of the border, there’s cartel infighting, so migrants might end up having to pay twice to get across.”

Money gained from trafficking, however, pales in comparison to money made on the drug trade.

No official total indicates how much money cartels make selling drugs to Americans. However, according to the Washington Post, estimates are as high as $500 million a year—more money than Walmart rakes in.

Cartels don’t dedicate their efforts only to illegal drugs. They have also engaged in intimidating legitimate businesses, including Mexican fisheries and avocado farmers.

Last year, cartel members threatened inspectors from the United States Department of Agriculture who were inspecting avocados, forcing the federal government to ban the imports of the product until Mexico could ensure the safety of inspectors.

“They’re just taking over [Mexico]. There’s no longer going to be a government [there] at some point,” Cleveland added.

One reason for the warning to CBP agents is that cartels have shown a reckless disregard for human life. A Border Patrol agent was attacked in Texas last month, bitten by a cartel member who crossed into the U.S., leaving the agent seriously injured.

“What I’m upset about is the Biden Administration says nothing. No acknowledgment doesn’t come out and says, ‘We will not allow this. We will hold accountable anyone that attacks our Border Patrol agents,” Flores said.

As with their brothers in terror in the West Bank, a two-month-old baby was abandoned by smugglers near Rio Grande City, Texas last month.

“This is a chilling reminder of how children are being exploited by human smugglers and criminal organization every day,” CBP posted online.

While Flores slammed Biden administration policies, she turned her ire to the Biden administration.

“It’s the Biden Administration’s policies that are bringing millions of people to this country because when you’re being told that if you come to the United States illegally, you will be allowed to stay, you will risk everything to come here,” she said.

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