Ex-FBI officials warn Congress the US is being invaded, calling it a 'new and imminent' danger

A warning from a coalition of former FBI officials has been given, telling of the potential of a “new and imminent danger” at the southern border. Fox News and other traditionally conservative media appear to be the only media outlets reporting on it.

Fox reported the former FBI officials sent a letter last week to congressional leaders in the House and Senate warning the country has “been invaded” by military-aged foreign nationals, a story that has been reported by Law Enforcement Today

In their letter, the officials wrote to “express our concern about a current, specific threat that may be one of the most pernicious ever to menace the United States.” 

The letter highlights what the authors called a “new and imminent danger” to the United States while highlighting what amounts to an invasion at the southern border. In December alone, there were a record 302,000 illegal alien encounters after a record-setting FY-2023 saw 2.4 million illegal alien encounters. Those numbers do not count gotaways, which could far exceed that amount. 

“In its modern history, the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland, and, yet, one is unfolding now,” they wrote. “Military-aged men from across the globe, many from countries or regions not friendly to the United States, are landing in waves on our soil by the thousands–not splashing ashore from a ship or parachuting from a plane but rather by foot across a border that has been accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted.” 

Among the former officials writing Congress are former FBI assistant directors Kevin Brock and Chris Swecker, former Terrorist Screening Center Director Timothy Healy, and former acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan, who is also a former FBI superintendent. 

The authors spoke to the large numbers of illegals released into the country, although federal officials claim they are only released into the country after allegedly going through a “multi-layered vetting process” and biographical and biometric vetting. 

They also addressed the gotaways, estimated at over 800,000 last fiscal year, as well as encounters of those on the FBI’s terror watch list. FBI Director Christopher Wray also expressed concern about those evading border patrol, although he has been milquetoast in his criticism. 

The possibility of terrorists entering the country is concerning. As of Dec. 30, Customs and Border Patrol encountered 30 suspects on the terror watch list crossing the southern border over the first two months of FY-2024. That number is even higher after including December’s numbers. All told, FY-2023 saw 169 people on the terror watch list caught at the border, with an untold number of gotaways. 

Wray told a Congressional committee last October that the October 7, 2023 attack by Hamas on Israel could inspire other terrorist networks and admitted the terrorist threat in the US increased because of that. NewsNation reported that as of December, 483,304 illegals had been encountered at the southern border. 

Despite the ever-increasing numbers, the Biden administration claims it has “greater awareness” of the border and claims the gotaways are a “decades-old” problem. 

“With the investments that this Congress has made in the Border Patrol, CBP as a whole, we have greater situational awareness now than I’ve ever had,” Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said last March.

That doesn’t calm the fears of the former government officials, who, like Wray, became concerned after the Hamas attack in Israel last year. 

“It is stark to say so, but having a large number of young males now within our borders who could begin attacking gatherings of unarmed citizens, in imitation of 10/7, and at the behest of a foreign terror group, must be considered a distinct possibility,” they wrote. 

“We would be remiss not to call out this potentially grave threat in the most direct terms. The warning lights are blinking.” They noted that some of the military-aged males arriving at the border are from areas tied to terrorism, as well as our enemies China and Russia. 

“For these reasons, elements of this recent surge are likely no accident or coincidence. These men are potential operators in what appears to be an accelerated and strategic penetration, a soft invasion, designed to gain internal access to a country that cannot be invaded militarily in order to inflict catastrophic damage if and when enemies deem it necessary,” they wrote. 

They strongly suggested Congress and other government officials step up to pay more attention to the existential threat. 

“The country has been invaded, an invasion that will continue as long as the nation’s enemies perceive it will be tolerated,” they continued. 

Border security has become a top issue in the presidential campaign, overtaking the nation’s significant economic woes. Republicans and even some Democrats have slammed the Biden administration for his lax border policies whereby he overturned Trump-era policies that had placed a severe damper on illegal entry to the US. Biden also implemented policies that opened the floodgates to the country at our borders. 

Biden claims he needs additional funding to secure the border but has tied any such efforts to additional money for Ukraine.

Sources also say a proposed “bipartisan” bill contains amnesty for over one million illegals every year and a path to citizenship for those who have already violated our sovereignty. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Miss.) has said the bill is “dead on arrival” when or if it comes to the House. Critics say the proposal will exacerbate the problem, not fix it. 

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It's not a NEW Danger. It's been here since 2001. binden just permitted hundreds if not thousands enter, we will now have to fight here. The Feds knew this but did nothing. Turned their backs on the American people. NOT NEW DANGER.


Is it really an invasion to a welcome sign over an open door saying enter here…? Free housing and other essentials delivered at your final destination…


When will this ever end? Even with a Conservatively controlled House, Senate AND White House I doubt WE THE PEOPLE will never see an end to this mess. It's ALL due to Biden and the love me, squeeze me woke libs that have RUINED this once great and secure nation. Period.


When will this ever end? Even with a Conservatively controlled House, Senate AND White House I doubt WE THE PEOPLE will never see an end to this mess. It's ALL due to Biden and the love me, squeeze me woke libs that have RUINED this once great and secure nation. Period.

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