We are on the border bringing you the TRUTH that the mainstream media refuses to show you

From our CEO, Kyle Reyes: I'm going to be very raw and honest with you guys. For the first time in my life, I'm legitimately scared about what America is facing.

This isn't some wild conspiracy. This isn't a bunch of hearsay. I'm seeing it with my own eyes. I'm hearing it with my own ears directly from the men and women responding to it.

Since acquiring Law Enforcement Today, Blue Lives Matter, The Police Tribune and the other law enforcement pages and sites - and turning them into the largest police news outlet in the world - I've personally been spending a massive amount of time working directly with local, state and federal law enforcement across the country. I've been blessed to have spent the last ten years building a massive network in the police space.

We've been flooded with intel directly from our contacts on the front lines. We've been filming with officers and agencies... doing ride alongs, breaking bread and praying with cops... and seeing just how bad things are.

We're hearing directly from law enforcement on the ground about foreign nationals that have been captured in secure locations at chemical and power plants... then released.

We're seeing known terrorists be captured - and others evade capture then disappear into America.

And cops are being told to stand down... release criminals... and keep their mouths shut.

There are going to be people who go on the attack in the comments below. They're either ignorant and refuse to open their eyes... or they're directly and intentionally contributing to the existential threat America is facing.

We aren't going to be silent. We're filming... writing... documenting... and are going to continue to bring you the truth.

God bless you all... and God help America.

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