Former Baltimore DA who arrested six Baltimore cops, now facing prison herself, asks Biden for a pardon

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BALTIMORE, MD - Serial “victim” and former Baltimore district attorney Marilyn Mosby is seeking a presidential pardon ahead of her scheduled May 23 sentencing as she faces a lengthy prison sentence for perjury and mortgage fraud, according to the Daily Mail. 

Mosby, you may recall, became “famous” after her office arrested six Baltimore police officers in connection with the death of Freddy Gray in 2015. All six officers were either acquitted or had their charges dropped in the politically-motivated case. 

Mosby, appearing with MSNBC’s resident race-baiter Joy Reid, claimed she did “absolutely nothing wrong, nothing illegal, nothing criminal” and suggested that Joe Biden dismissing her conviction would be “appropriate.” 

Despite being a Democrat, Mosby claims the conviction was a “political attack” on her, despite all officials involved being Democrat and the trial taking place in a city that is overwhelmingly Democrat. Mosby claimed her decision to charge the six Baltimore officers was why she “found herself on the other side of the courtroom.” 

Moasby was convicted of illegally withdrawing funds from her city retirement account, using the COVID-19 pandemic as a “hardship,” and then using those funds to buy a condo in Florida. She was also convicted of perjury for lying on a mortgage application for the same Florida home. 

The mortgage application scheme was for purchasing a $428,000 home in Longboat Key, Florida, where she also lied about receiving a $5,000 gift from her husband. However, the $5,000, which was used to secure a lower interest rate, was after she initially sent the funds to her husband, and then he returned them as a “gift.” 

Reid, who will never be accused of being a genius, told Mosby she was “stunned” that she was prosecuted for withdrawing her “own money” while claiming Mosby’s past run-ins with Republicans was the basis for her being charged. 

That is ludicrous since, according to the Capital Gazette, she was indicted by Democrat US Attorney Erek Barron, and her trial was presided over by Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby, a Biden appointee. 

“If they can do this to Marilyn Mosby, who had the audacity to challenge the status quo, they can do this to anybody,” Mosby told Reid. 

“I want this justice system that I fought so hard to equalize and to balance the scales of justice where the business model is based off the backs of black and brown people.” 

Mosby has been promoting an online petition to Biden comprising almost 10,000 signatures requesting she be pardoned, which she claims she didn’t launch herself. 

Despite appearing on national television to gain sympathy and plead for a pardon, Mosby herself has not yet submitted an application to the Office of the Pardon Attorney, which reviews pardon cases and submits them to the office of the president. 

Mosby continued, telling Reid, “I know that I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, nothing criminal, and to be separated from my children for 40 years as a result of withdrawing $90,000 of my own money [under false pretenses], it just makes absolutely no sense to me.” 

“They have done this to demonize me, to vilify me, and to break me…I’ve lost everything.” 

However, Mosby’s critics claim her reign as Baltimore County DA has contributed to the crime problems currently plaguing the city. 

“The consequences of that failed leadership are going to last for generations,” Medal of Valor recipient and police officer Dave Goitia told the Daily Mail following Mosby’s February conviction. 

“The victims are the people of Baltimore that suffer violent crime because of a police department that is completely demoralized,” Goitiia continued, referring to the aftermath of the Freddy Gray police indictments. 

Mosby’s response in the Gray case came after days of riots in Baltimore following his in-custody death. Many critics claim Mosby’s charging of the officers was politically motivated and intended to soothe racial tensions in the city. Some law enforcement officials said she gave in to pressure from rioters and targeted the six officers as “sacrificial lambs.” 

Despite being indicted by a grand jury in 2022, Mosby ran for office again that same year and lost to her challenger, Ivan Bates, who took a stronger stance on crime. 

During her fraud trial, prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky told jurors that she repeatedly lied on mortgage applications, telling the court: 

“She was the top prosecutor in the city of Baltimore and oversaw hundreds of lawyers. You know what prosecutors know a lot about? Fraud. Mortgage fraud.” 

Mosby may have lost more than her freedom, however. The Daily Mail also reports that federal prosecutors are seeking to seize her Florida luxury condo that sits along the state’s Gulf Coast. That home is one of two vacation properties Mosby purchased in the Sunshine State during the COVID-19 pandemic using money withdrawn from her city retirement account. 

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