Former cop convicted in death of George Floyd, stabbed, critically injured in prison attack

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Editor's Note: In this article, it is written that "new information was released showing that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and a bad heart, and that no life-threatening injuries were found from the arrest protocol followed by Chauvin." That information is not new, it was on the original autopsy report. Additionally, the medical examiner later testified that, despite conflicting information within the report, he still considered the death a homicide.

Further, in addition to fentanyl, Floyd's toxicology report showed polysubstance abuse, with him testing positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, caffeine, tobacco, and THC. LET apologizes for any confusion in the statements.


TUCSON, AZ - A 47-year-old inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson was stabbed in an attack by a fellow inmate. While the prison did not release the identity of the victim, sources close to the matter told the Associated Press, according to ABC News, that the man in critical condition was Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murder in the death of George Floyd. 

In a statement, the prison said that employees and EMS personnel provided life-saving measures. The victim, presumed Chauvin, is expected to survive.

While the details of the incident are still being investigated, the stabbing occurred just a month after new information was released showing that George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and a bad heart, and that no life-threatening injuries were found from the arrest protocol followed by Chauvin.

It was the interaction between Floyd and Chauvin that prompted protests and riots around the country, billions of dollars in damage, numerous injuries, multiple deaths of former members of law enforcement and the furthering of the "Defund the Police" movement.

The AP also said that their source pointed to the fact that this particular prison is known for its security lapses and staffing shortages, and this is just one more violent incident involving a high-profile inmate. According to Newsweek, the source did not clarify on "other incidents."

Chauvin is currently one year into a 21-year federal sentence after being convicted of violating Floyd's civil rights. He is also serving a 22-year state sentence for a second-degree unintentional murder conviction. Further, he was convicted of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. 

Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, who led the effort to convict Chauvin, said, ""I am sad to hear that Derek Chauvin was the target of violence. He was duly convicted of his crimes, and like any incarcerated individual, he should be able to serve his sentence without fear of retaliation or violence."

The Chief of Minneapolis Police Brian O'Hara also spoke to the AP, saying,"Violence is barbaric and tragic and should never be cause for celebration. Derek Chauvin's conduct on May 25, 2020, was unequivocally criminal and resulted in death. Today's news is cause for quiet reflection as the world continues to process, and Minneapolis tries to heal, from very open wounds."

But celebrating is exactly what many are doing on social media. 

"Derek Chauvin isn’t so tough when he doesn’t have a gun, handcuffs, and four of his police officer pals helping him commit murder. #HappyShanksgiving," wrote the user Sgt Joker.

But the celebration is just one side of the responses circulating on X. Many users are pointing to the newly released autopsy as the primary reason that the justice system got it wrong in Chauvin's murder trial. 

Even Tucker Carlson, formerly of Fox News, joined the conversation after the autopsy results were released in October.

"So, in other words, George Floyd, according to the official autopsy, was not murdered," Carlson said. 

While new evidence seems to support Chauvin's innocence on the murder charges, the US Supreme Court recently denied Chauvin's request to appeal. 

It remains to be seen if Chauvin will remain in the same facility where he was attacked and whether he will be released into general population regardless of where he is housed. 
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Chauvin should be released now that all the facts are out. The woke judge, prosecutor and Mayor care more about criminals than the people in the community.They sat and watched an entire community being destroyed by criminals.

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