"Tear gas and a violent mob": Group of 400 protesters against 'Cop City' stopped in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA - Over 400 protesters that marched towards a planned Public Safety Training Facility face resistance by Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers. They were met with tear gas and flash bangs to prevent them from entering the site.

The large group gathered Monday morning and began their journey towards the slated construction site of the APD Public Safety Training Center, where law enforcement met them to halt their incursion upon the property. The mob traveled approximately two miles chanting phrases such as “Viva, Viva Tortuguita,” and “Stop Cop City.”

Tortuquita was the nickname of an environmental activist, Manuel Esteban Paez Terán, who was shot and killed by state troopers earlier in the year after he opened fire on the officers, striking one. That officer was hit in between the lower portion of his bullet proof vest and his duty belt, resulting in the bullet getting lodged into his spine.

Dressed in chemical suits and wearing gas masks, the marchers this week confronted law enforcement just outside the confines of the facility. Law enforcement deployed gas canisters against the encroaching protesters, with one canister being tossed back at police.

First responders continued to hold their ground against the protesters before actually making it onto the site. No arrests were made Monday as most protestors backed up following the deployment of tear gas by police.

Gregory Todd, who resides on Cherry Valley Drive, where Marchers were traveling through, told the local Fox News affiliate, “At first, I spotted the helicopters. I knew it could’ve only been one thing." Todd, a youth minister, mentioned that he was empathetic towards protesters. But he also believes that the safety of those in the neighborhood should not be threatened as well.

By the time the two-mile march made it to the DeKalb County Jail, 100 activists were present and voiced their concerns with the construction yet to happen. This group also was met by resistance from police as they tried to break through on West Side Place.

Police stated to WSBTV that they had to place officers again to repel marchers after the group had tried to shine lights on the side of the jail with varying messages referring to the public safety center.

APD's Chief Darin Schierbaum stated that people were coming from varying states around the country to protest the construction at the site, including California, Texas, Washington, and Oklahoma.

He further stated that certain items were confiscated from the protesters as well, saying, “We have bolt cutters. They have been used to enter the site. We have gas masks that were being put on before individuals even left the park. We also have an array of tools behind the fire chief that are designed to use as weapons against law enforcement.”  These tools included an umbrella and garden spades.

For the past two years, the proposed training center has been confronted with protests. Those against the proposed facility, which will be used to train law enforcement and other first responders, cite environmental reasons for their opposition, as well as those who are anti-police.
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Who is funding these bastards? George Soros? If so he should be investigated, but i know that will never happen.


This is what you get with open borders.Tortuquita Manuel Esteban Paez Terán. FJB


Spraying raw sewage is cost effective

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