In Democratic strongholds, illegal immigrants take precedence over military, veterans and their families

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FOXBORO, MA – Everyone has a bucket list. We all have things that we want to do before we no longer have the ability to do them. For this writer, and Army veteran, one of those is the annual Army-Navy game.

Traditionally, the game is played on the second Saturday in December. This year’s matchup is being held at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Thanks to the Biden administration’s refusal to address the border crisis, attending this game just got a little harder for some military members, veterans and families of the cadets that will be on the field.  

Travel agents who have assisted hundreds in booking their lodging in advance of the December 9th game are confirming that some hotels are cancelling reservations to make room for illegal immigrants that are being bussed into the Boston area.

According to Townhall, at least 70 rooms in three separate hotels have notified guests that their rooms are no longer available.

Keep in mind, this game is still two months away, meaning that they are housing immigrants long-term.

As reported by the Comeback, Mark Mansbach is an agent with Hillsdale Travel. He spoke not only about the inconvenience, but also the safety of those traveling.

“I have enough rooms to cover some of the people. Some people are looking around, but pricing is very high. For many, the issue is safety … they are questioning the safety of remaining hotels located near those that are now filled with migrants. Lots of questions by my clients, and most hotels are scrambling to come up with safety protocols,” said Mansbach.

Reportedly, the state of Massachusetts is contracting with hotels to handle the influx of “refugees.”

“By providing shelter to refugees, we aim to be part of a global community that stands together in support of those in need,” Claire Mulholland, VP of Marketing for Giri Hotel Management told the Boston Herald. “We look forward to working with local authorities and organizations to ensure a smooth transition for all those who will call our hotels home during their time with us.”

Once again, the Biden administration and other progressives are doing more to accommodate the individuals coming into this country illegally then they are for people who actually put their lives in harms way to defend this country.

As we reported for you last week, a Korean War veteran was kicked out of his retirement village to make room for illegal immigrants.

People are speaking out on this one, including one Republican Presidential candidate.

“Our veterans and service academy graduates cannot find anywhere to stay for the Army-Navy Game because hotels are housing illegal aliens on the taxpayers’ dime. What a farce. When I am president, the days of putting illegals aliens over Americans will be over,” Florida governor Ron DeSantis posted on his X account.

Even rap icon Nas weighed in on the topic.

Matt Harris of the website Outkick may have summed it up better than anyone, saying, “There is no sporting event that is more patriotic than the Army-Navy game. It’s beyond shameful that anyone tied to the game and its traditions is having to scramble for a place to stay while hotel rooms are being handed out to folks who largely don’t even know that the game exists.”

I cannot speak on behalf of every veteran or every current member of the Army and Navy that gather around the world to watch, or even the cadet/athlete’s families who may be impacted in their ability to attend. But I can assume that, for the majority of them, this is a massive slap in the face.
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