In NY, squatters get the red carpet treatment. In FL, they're treated like the criminals they are.

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TALLAHASSEE, FL - While blue states like New York and Washington devolve into madness by taking the side of “squatters” who illegally occupy homes that don’t belong to them over lawful homeowners, the free state of Florida has taken the opposite approach. 

According to FOX Business, early in March, the Florida legislature unanimously passed a bill that allows police to immediately remove squatters instead of the lengthy court procedures that are required in primarily Democrat-run states. 

Under House Bill 621, law enforcement officials in the Sunshine State are allowed to remove squatters who do not have a signed lease authorized by the property owner and add criminal penalties. Under current law, landlords (or homeowners) are forced to go through a long and expensive legal process to remove illegal squatters. 

Florida Democrat Patti Peeples, who herself dealt with squatters on her property, said the move is long overdue. 

“We went the right way,” Peeples said on “The Big Money Show. “And Florida, I think, is leading the nation in this quest to approach squatters legally and not use vigilante justice. And that’s the way it should be.” 

Peeples recorded her confrontation with two female squatters in Florida, a video that went viral after one of the intruders became physical with her. Removing the two criminals costs her a number of weeks and $40,000 in damages. 

“That [House Bill 621] gives police the ability to immediately evict squatters. That does not exist in most states because they’re treated as a civil matter,” Peeples said. “It also charges squatters with a misdemeanor for squatting or presenting a false lease. Furthermore, it’s a felony for them to do $1,000 or more [in] damage to the property.” 

Peeples said the problem was exacerbated after the COVID-19 pandemic due to skyrocketing housing costs. 

“They know how to maximize their ability to stay in the house using those laws,” she said. This crosses party lines. This is a people’s rights issue: the ability to access your property and utilize something you have paid for.” 

She continued, “This is a fundamental right in the United States of America, and I encourage every citizen, no matter where you live, to write your representatives and your senators and let them know that there is a success story in Florida. And we got 100% bipartisan support. 

The issue of squatters has come under scrutiny recently due to a case in New York City in which a Queens woman was arrested after she changed her locks to force out squatters who had taken over her home. Under a bizarre New York law, squatters have property rights after living in a residence for only 30 days. 

That case even caught the attention of podcaster Joe Rogan, who called the law “bananas.” 

A guest on Rogan’s podcast told him that squatters have taken over more than 1,000 homes in Atlanta, Georgia.

“A thousand is crazy,” Rogan replied. 

In Santa Rosa County, Florida, Sheriff Bob Johnson has news for anyone trying to take over someone’s home in his county. 

“If someone’s breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot ‘em in Santa Rosa County. We prefer that you do, actually,” Johnson said at a press briefing. 

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We need more sheriffs like Bob Johnson!


N.Y's liberal attitude finally gets what it deserves! To live with what they allowed to happen. Let's see how long it takes to become less arrogant towards criminals and illegal's!

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