Infant hospitalized with broken legs, ribs, arm and THC in his system; father, grandparents arrested

EVANSVILLE, IN - Jesse and Heather Meyer, 41, and Keegan Nunnally, 20, were arrested by Evansville police on charges of child neglect after a three-month-old baby boy was hospitalized with an abscess, three broken ribs, multiple leg fractures, and a broken arm. 

According to reporting from WFIE, officials with the EPD said THC was also detected in the child's system. Heather Meyer is the child's grandmother and she was the one who admitted him to the hospital for an abscess.

Hospital officials then detected the additional injuries and summoned police as mandatory reporters. When informed about the baby's additional injuries officials said she acted "bizarre," and denied any knowledge. 

The child's father, Nunnally, and the baby's mother, a 17-year-old were later called to the hospital. When interviewed, the child's underage mother told the Department of Child Services that she had observed that the baby's legs were sensitive. She claimed that her concern was dismissed by a doctor.

Evansville PD told reporters that the baby's parents had moved in with the Meyers recently. The officers said Nunnally denied abusing the infant but told police that Heather "holds him kind of weird." The father also admitted to smoking marijuana but insisted he didn't do it around the baby. Jesse Meyer later said he was unaware of any physical abuse but confessed to using THC products in the apartment.

DCS removed the child from his parent's custody according to WEHT, one of the attending physicians specializing in child abuse revealed the details of the infant's injuries in excruciating detail:
  • "Left posterior 5th rib – newer but healing, confirmed fracture
  • Left posterior 6th and 7th ribs – older injuries (dates back possibly 2-8 weeks)
  • Left posterior 8th ribs – acute injury, would have occurred within 24 hours before the skeletal survey
  • Possible fractures on ribs 2-7 on left anterior, right anterior and right posterior sides
  • Right femur above the base of the knee is a bucket handle fracture. Another below the left knee
  • Left femur fracture (possibly a month old) goes from thigh to hip bone
  • Left tibia has a bucket handle fracture below the knee, left ankle has a corner fracture
  • Right humerus also has a bucket handle fracture"
The police revealed that a series of text messages between the grandparents, Heather and Jesse the night of the child's hospitalization revealed Jesse giving Heather instructions on how to respond to a THC detection in the baby's urine.

The outlet noted that in an interview with the EPD, Heather told officers she was suspicious that the mother's roommate may have caused injuries to the baby.

The 17-year-old mother also told officers that Heather may have caused the injuries by co-sleeping with the baby, something she denies. The father also said he was suspicious of Heather's laying down with the baby. The same physician told officers that the co-sleeping explanation was implausible and that the bucket handle fractures on the legs were a sign of intentional abuse by a yanking or jerking trauma to the legs.

Nunally, the father, Heather, and Jesse Meyer were all arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent Thursday WEHT reported.

Nunnally was further charged with domestic battery causing serious bodily injury. They are currently being held at the Vanderburgh County Jail on $750 bond.
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What are you kidding me $ ? Must be wrong they should be hanged 750 ft.up.


Execute these animals and cleanse the earth.


Poor little bay has to go through this crap!! Can't defend itself!! A $750 bond for these animals is just plain wrong!! Through the book at these horrible people!!!


Throw the book at these horrible people!!

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