January 6 crybaby Adam Kinzinger got rich playing off his Oscar-worthy performances during J6 hearings

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The January 6 debacle provided us with several self-aggrandizing clowns who have used the “worst ‘insurrection’ in the history of the world” to propel themselves to fame, at least in the eyes of the mind-numbed robots who make up the Democratic Party and far-left media. One who comes to mind is former US Capitol police officer Michael Fanone, who parlayed the Capitol siege into a law enforcement analyst gig on CNN. 

Of course, there is former Wyoming representative Liz Cheney, who parlayed her role on the J6 committee into getting trounced in the Republican primary and being unceremoniously launched from her House seat. Rep. Jamie Raskin (what adult male willingly goes by the name “Jamie”?) is another insufferable egomaniac who has attempted to use the January 6 “insurrection” to gain some modicum of significance. 

However, when it comes to parlaying the Capitol siege into a lucrative lifestyle, it is hard to beat former Illinois representative Adam Kinzinger. He is the man of the fake crocodile tears who bawled his eyes out during his remarks (starting at 3:07 mark): 

CBS Chicago reported that Kinzinger took to selling copies of the House Select Committee’s final report on the January 6 Capitol siege for $100. That will get you a copy of the report signed by Kinzinger. If you’re a little strapped for cash, you can make $25 installment payments. 

Law Enforcement Today recently reported on a deep dive conducted by an X user named “Mel” into New York Attorney General Letitia James’ fast and loose use of campaign finance money to fund a lavish lifestyle. Mel has now turned her attention to Kinzinger. 

According to Revolver News, Kinzinger, who left Congress in 2022, still uses campaign finance money to fund a lavish lifestyle. 

According to Mel, before elevating himself by theatrics worthy of an Academy Award, Kinzinger’s congressional career had been rather unremarkable. Perhaps this is why Pelosi selected him to be on her hand-picked “bipartisan” J6 Select Committee. Kinzinger represented what is described as the “reddest” district in Illinois, yet for some reason, decided he needed to act in a bipartisan manner. 

Kinzinger authored few pieces of legislation, and his only high-profile proposal was co-authoring the 2016 “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act,” which was designed to stop “Russian interference into our elections.” 

Mel wrote that his fundraising efforts were unremarkable. For example, in his first five House terms, he never raised more than $2.45 million across all his campaign committees and never spent more than $2.53 million (2018). 

That was until January 6, 2021. That was when Kinzinger opened a second Joint Funding Committee. This was even though on Oct. 29, 2021, Kinzinger announced he wouldn’t seek reelection after two Illinois House districts were combined into one, which meant he would need to wage a primary against another Republican. 

Mel wrote that since Kinzinger was no longer running for Congress, one might think that would spell the end of campaign fundraising. However, Kinzinger had been elevated by the left-wing anti-Trump media as the “Republican Man of Conscience” and resident Republican Trump basher. The media and the left wing had their guy.

Kinzinger parlayed the role of Republican opposition to Trump into a lucrative cash cow. How so? Despite mediocre fundraising in previous congressional campaigns, Kinzinger managed to raise $6,728,851 across all his fundraising committees, which included Kinzinger Principle Campaign 2022, Country First Joint Fundraising Committee 2022, Future First Leadership PAC 2022, and Future 1st Committee (Joint Fundraising Committee) 2022. 

Only ten days after announcing his retirement, Kinzinger converted his Joint Fundraising Committee into a Leadership PAC, which allowed him to continue raising money “in the name of saving Democracy,” Mel wrote. That money would be used to help “Country First Patriots” win elections nationwide. 

However, $1.5 million in “consulting” fees were included in the expenses. Since Kinzinger wasn’t running a congressional campaign, Mel wondered why he needed these fees. 

Another questionable expense was purchasing a “campaign vehicle,” which is strange since Kinzinger wasn’t “campaigning” for anything. 

Kinzinger also used campaign finance money to purchase memberships in “clubs” in Washington, DC, including $25,000 for membership to the Capitol Hill Club and $40,000 to join the “Former Members of Congress” club.” Such expenses (used to be) violations of Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations. 

Mel discovered that despite raising $6.7 million in 2022, Kinzinger only donated approximately $140,000 across all his committees to other candidates. 

It gets worse. Kinzinger is also a private pilot who owns an airplane. In his Kinzinger for Congress 2022 expenditures (remember, he was no longer running), Kinzinger billed his campaign $11.510.00 for “aircraft hangar rental.” He also reimbursed himself $1,723.00 for “airfare mileage reimbursement.” In other words, Kinzingers' “campaign” not only paid to rent a hangar for his airplane but also reimbursed himself for air miles flown. 

Kinzinger also billed Country First Leadership PAC 2022 $3,947.00 for aircraft mileage reimbursement and Future First Leadership PAC 2022 $2,948.00 for the same thing. Kinzinger reimbursed himself $8618.00 for “airfare mileage reimbursement.” He also spent $60,000 on regular airline airfare.

After Kinzinger left office in 2022, he retained $3,344,001 in hand among his four joint fundraising committees. 

Ah, yes, but what should we do with all of that leftover money? Of course…, we should open a non-profit. 

Before leaving office, Kinzinger opened a 501(c)(3) under the name Country First Foundation, which happened to have the same mailing address as his leadership PACs. He was granted tax-exempt status on 3/13/2023. 

That same year, Kinzinger transferred $415,000 into that foundation and an additional $348,546 into “Country First Action,” which also uses the same mailing addresses as his leadership PACs and the 501(c)(3). Weird thing though…Country First isn’t registered as a separate entity with the Internal Revenue Service. 

Country First is run by Austin Weatherford, Kinzinger’s former chief of staff. According to his profile on the non-profit's website, Weatherford also played a major role in “producing, editing, scripting, and advising on the televised hearings of the US House Select Committee on the January 6 attack.” You remember those hearings–the made-for-TV event designed to kneecap former President Trump. 

According to Mel, there is more to come of Mr. Kinzinger. Stay tuned. 

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