Democrat state senator backs down after initially touting the use of child sex dolls to help pedophiles

Sen. Karen Berg by is licensed under YouTube

FRANKFORT, KY- How do these people get elected? A Kentucky state senator last week touted the use of child sex dolls for “minor-attracted persons” (pedophiles), claiming their use could reduce the likelihood of such people abusing children, the Courier-Journal reported.

Sen. Karen Berg, a Louisville Democrat, claimed “research” she came across claims such dolls give pedophiles a “release,” which then helps prevent or reduce attacks on children. 

In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week where Kentucky lawmakers were discussing House Bill 207, Berg said she used Google to research child sex dolls for what she called “MAPS, minor-attracted persons,” which suggested it decreased the odds of child sexual abuse. 

As expected, Berg’s statement provoked outrage when her remarks were posted on X: 

“I tried to think of something to tweet along with this video from earlier today in the #KYGA24…but I had nothin…so figured I’d just let @karenforky speak for herself on the topic of “minor-attracted persons” using child sex dolls to satisfy their demonic desires! Holy smokes[.]

In her remarks, Berg said the following:

“For people who are attracted to minors, that these dolls actually decrease their proclivity to go out and attack children, that it actually gives them a release that makes them less likely to go outside of their home,” she said, then claimed the research didn’t support the same conclusion for “adult-attracted” individuals. 

Berg admitted that research on the subject is “not very good” and “not comprehensive” but claimed it as “conclusive.” 

After getting slammed for her remarks, Berg tried to backpedal in a statement released Friday:

“As a mom and a physician, I am, of course, deeply concerned with the harm of pedophilia, and I regret if my question in committee didn’t convey that. I voted in favor of House Bill (HB) 207 to outlaw child-sex dolls, a stance that aligns with my commitment to safeguarding the wellbeing of our youth and holding perpetrators accountable.” 

The proposed bill would make possession of child sex dolls a felony, punishable by one to five years in prison. It would also make trafficking, importing, or promoting a child sex doll all felonies punishable by between five to ten years in prison. 

In addition, the bill would also include computer-generated images of minors, such as those generated by artificial intelligence (AI), to Kentucky’s current law against viewing and promoting sexual images of minors. 

The bill was eventually passed unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee and will advance to the entire Kentucky State Senate. 

A similar bill was introduced in 2019 with unanimous Senate support; however, it failed to get a floor vote in the Kentucky House before that legislative session ended. 

Here is more from the "esteemed" Kentucky senator:

The controversy comes as some are trying to claim that pedophilia is a psychological disorder and not a crime. An opinion piece in the New York Times claimed that pedophilia is a mental illness and isn’t a crime until it is “acted upon.” The piece claims that pedophilia should be protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act and that “civil rights protections” should be extended to pedophiles. 

The United States in 2024 in one paragraph. 

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Karen Berg is a Perv herself


DemonRATS are Mentally and SEXUALLY PERVERTED !


She looked life she was excited and had a kind of smirk on her face.God help us if another Democrat gets in.


If you support Pedophilia, you are just as perverted as the pos that commits this vile act on our children. You all should be hung from the nearest tree by the neck until you are dead.


Pedophiles: The term "double-tap" comes to mind.


Pedophiles: The term "double-tap" comes to mind.


Pedophiles: The term "double-tap" comes to mind.


Pedophiles: The term "double-tap" comes to mind.


Pedophiles: The term "doub.le-ta.p" comes to mind.


She is beyond help.


She is beyond help.

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