Report: "Lunch Bucket Joe" Biden covered for his brother after fatal hit-and-run accident

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New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez isn’t the only political figure whose name got a family member out of a sticky situation with a fatal pedestrian accident.

None other than Frank Biden, brother of Joseph Robinette Biden, otherwise known as the occupant of the White House, was also able to leverage his political connections to get away with killing someone, Breitbart reports.

Law Enforcement Today recently reported on the wife of embattled New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez being involved in a fatal pedestrian accident in 2018. The victim's family suggests that Nadine Arslanian Menendez was the beneficiary of an unfair investigation.

In his book “Breaking Biden,” Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of Breitbart News, reveals a 1999 motor vehicle crash where Frank Biden was a passenger in a hit-and-run car crash that left a man dead at the scene.

The incident, which occurred in June 1999, saw Biden allow a young friend of his, Jason Turton, to drive his Jaguar to a concert at a tavern in Cardiff, California. Biden’s Florida driver’s license was suspended at the time (the reason wasn’t revealed), so he rode in the passenger seat with Turton driving.

Or, more accurately, steering since he didn’t know how to drive a stick shift. Biden, riding shotgun, handled the shifting himself, instructing young Turton how to apply the clutch.

During their drive, the Jaguar cruised along at over 70 mph in a posted 35 mph zone and slammed into a pedestrian crossing the road. Instead of stopping to tend to the victim, they drove off, leaving the victim to die at the scene.

Since empathy clearly runs in the Biden genes, two witnesses said Frank Biden told Thurton to “keep driving” after he struck down the pedestrian. The pedestrian, by the way, was named Michael Albano, 37, a single father who orphaned two daughters.

According to authorities, first responders performed CPR on Albano to no avail. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Turton was eventually identified as the driver and pleaded guilty to felony hit-and-run charges. At the same time, Biden was hit with a wrongful death lawsuit as the owner of the Jaguar, filed by the guardians of Albano’s two young daughters.

Mr. Empathy Frank Biden blew off court hearings and refused to acknowledge “any legal correspondence from the court, including a court final judgment in September 2002 that Frank owed each of the girls $275,000 for his role in the tragedy,” as reported by journalist Peter Schweizer in his book Profiles in Corruption.

A private investigator hired to track down where Biden was hiding was initially unable to locate him. Information was received that Frank occasionally stayed at Joe Biden’s Delaware home; however, they could not find a bank account for Frank Biden to attach.

With nowhere else to turn, eight years later, in 2008, the Albano sisters’ attorneys reached out to Joe Biden, who was soon to be sworn in as vice president, hoping to get some assistance in collecting the money from his brother.

The fact that Joe Biden’s own wife and daughter were killed in an automobile accident gave them hope that he would show some empathy for them. They got none…not even a personal response from old Lunch Bucket Joe, The Scranton Kid himself.

Instead, they got a reply from Biden’s chief of staff, who coldly replied:

“Senator Biden has received your letter of September 16 regarding a judgment by your clients against his brother Frank. The Senator wishes to express his deep sympathy with the Albano daughters over their loss…Frank has no assets with which to satisfy the judgment. The Senator regrets that this is where matters stand, and he cannot be more helpful.”

If you’ve been following the Biden corruption trail, the claim that Frank Biden had “no assets with which to satisfy the judgment” would seem to be a crock of you know what. The fact that Joe Biden covered for his scumbag brother in denying the young girls what was rightfully theirs says all you need to know about Robert Peters, er, Joe Biden.

Schweizer is convinced that Joe Biden was covering for Frank Biden’s ability to pay the girls their judgment.

“Frank Biden was earning money,” Schweizer reported. “Indeed, seven days before Joe Biden’s office sent that letter, his brother was slapped with a tax lien from the IRS for $23,638.59 in unpaid taxes. He owed more than $32,000 at the time, indicating that Frank had income. In 2013, he paid off the tax lien in full.”

It must have been all that Chinese and Ukrainian kickback money.

Including interest, Frank Biden owed the Albano girls over $900,000 in 2019. Less than a year after he was exposed by Schweizer, the Daily Mail reported Frank Biden, after nearly 20 years, finally paid the Albano girls some of the money he owed.

Old Frank, however, took full advantage of Joe Biden’s vice presidency, making deals in several international real estate schemes in Costa Rica and Jamaica, facilitating access to substantial U.S. funding dedicated to those countries, Marlow writes.

Another scheme Frank Biden used to enrich himself while screwing others, Marlow writes, is a charter school company that he oversaw that scored federal grants. The charter schools did nothing for students, but Frank Biden parlayed it into flying around the world in private jets.

For anyone paying attention, it is clear that the Biden’s are a dirty, corrupt crime family. From Hunter Biden to Frank Biden to Joe Biden himself, the family has parlayed Joe Biden’s political name to enrich themselves.

As Marlow writes, Frank Biden “behaved recklessly in his personal life, like many other Bidens.”

What is shocking, he writes, is that Joe Biden would aid and abet Frank Biden’s cover-up of his assets to young girls who lost their father in a motor vehicle crash, just as he himself lost his family.

The man has no soul, and this seems to prove it.

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