'Outrageous - what about us?': Taxpayers now paying for new apartments and two years of rent for illegal immigrants

The taxpaying public of Maine is bankrolling all new apartments for illegal immigrants according to a new report released by News Center Maine. The outlet added that the illegal immigrants housed in Brunswick in units unveiled by Maine state officials will have their rent paid by the taxpayer for at least two years.

The 2020 Census recorded that Maine, which boasts a median household income of $68,251, has 10.8% of the population languishing below the poverty level, making less than $23,030. But News Center Maine reported that 60 units to be built at Brunswick Landing will serve as "transitional housing for asylum seekers waiting for work permits." Twenty-four of the units are already complete according to the outlet. 

Reportedly, the Maine State Housing Authority under the Biden Administration's Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development is managing the program. 

The outlet explained, "MaineHousing will essentially pay the rent for these asylum seekers for up to two years. After that, they will be converted to a mix of market-rate and affordable housing, unless the state says the program needs to be extended."

Dan Brennan, executive director of Maine Housing, told reporters, "This is a very unique solution to a very exciting opportunity in our state. We have thousands of folks coming to Maine who want to make Maine home. We’re doing everything we can to help that situation."

The National Desk reported that Maine has budgeted nearly $3.5 million to cover construction and the two-year rental support, expecting the illegal immigrants to "gain the means" to pay for the apartments themselves with state "support" and "guidance." Maine taxpayers are also funding $100,000 for a year's worth of legal support for assisting asylum claims and work authorization requests.

At the same time, according to 24/7 Wallstreet, Maine has a reported 4,411 people experiencing homelessness in one of the nation's coldest areas, an increase of 110.3% since 2020. The state has been under majority Democrat leadership in both legislative houses since 2018 and hasn't had a Republican governor since.
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We msut seal our borders! This situation one reason why states and cities have such huge deficits. No one should be allowed to immigrate unless they have a job waiting for them. They are stealing the taxpayers' money.


It should be against the law to force American citizens to pay unvetted illegals to live in America. Illegals have no allegiance to America. Remember 9/11 and expect worse. Thank you Democrats.


This is SO WRONG! What about our homeless citizens, especially our Veterans who are suffering from PTSD because of what they went through in the wars? US Citizens first, period! These Illegals have shown that they DO NOT respect these properties and have a record of trashing these Apartments, Hotel rooms etc.

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