'No one more qualified': MA governor nominates ex-lover to the state's Supreme Judicial Court

BOSTON, MA - Democrats don’t even appear to be hiding their apparent contempt for voters. The latest slap in the face comes courtesy of the extra-diverse governor of Massachusetts, Maura Healey. Blaze Media reports that without a shred of self-awareness, Healey has nominated her ex-girlfriend to fill a vacancy on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. 

The nomination resulted from Justice David Lowry’s announced retirement to take another patronage position at the University of Massachusetts. Last Wednesday, Healey announced the nomination of Associate Justice Gabrielle Wolohojian to fill Lowry’s seat. No worries, however. According to Healy, Wolohojian is eminently qualified for the seat. 

‘There is no one more qualified or better prepared to serve on the Supreme Judicial Court than Justice Wolohojian,” Healey claimed in a statement. She further said her ex-girlfriend “has an exceptional understanding of the law” and that “her work is widely respected by members of the bench and bar.” 

According to the New York Post, Healey did not mention her previous intimate relationship with Wolohojian. 

According to a Boston Magazine puff piece on Healey from 2015 while she was serving as Massachusetts attorney general, Healey and “the most qualified” justice met while employed at the law firm of Hale & Dorr. The two became a couple in 2007. 

Last summer, the Boston Globe reported that Healey has taken up with a new partner, Joanna Lydgate, in the Boston suburb of Arlington. 

Wolohojian is Healey’s second nomination to fill an opening on the Massachusetts high court, which the Post noted counts “legendary Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes among its past members.” Her nomination will now be sent to the nine-member Governor’s Council for approval, typically a rubber stamp. 

Former Republican Gov. Charlie Baker appointed Lowry to the Supreme Judicial Court, as well as the other five members. 

Healey’s office touted Wolohojian’s record on the state Appeals Court, where she has served since 2008. Her office noted she has authored over 900 decisions while playing a role in some 2,700 appeals. Wolohojian was appointed to that court by former Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick. 

Retired Associate Justice Geraldine Hines issued a statement, calling Wolohojian “uniquely qualified.” 

‘Wolohojian is uniquely qualified to join the Supreme Judicial Court at a time when it enjoys and is committed to maintaining its reputation as one of the most respected state supreme courts in the country,” Hines said. 

The Post said Holohojian was the granddaughter of Armenian immigrants and worked in the office of the independent counsel during the beginning stages of the Whitewater investigation, which plagued former President Bill Clinton during the early stages of his presidency. 

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Let MASS. REAP what they sow... who cares.


Sounds like nepotism to me.

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