Modern mass deportation demonstrated to be possible with 500,000 removals in four months

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN— The real-world feasibility of mass deportation, balked at by many in the United States, was demonstrated as being completely viable by Pakistani officials after the nation successfully removed approximately 500,000 Afghans from its territory over the course of four months. Many of them ended up voluntarily self-deporting.

Before the beginning of the effort in November 2023, estimates showed 1.7 million Afghans illegally living in Pakistan when officials in the capital, Islamabad, announced a November 1 deadline for all illegal immigrants to leave the nation or face arrest. A majority of the Afghans cooperated and departed prior to the deadline, according to The National Pulse.

However, an ongoing stream of illegal immigrants has continued to make its way back across the border, known as the Durand Line, since then, with many crossing via the historic Khyber Pass between Landi Kotal and Jamrud.

The United Nations Migration Agency confirmed to the outlet, "Since the initial peak around November 1, the number of individuals crossing these official border points have consistently decreased but remains higher than pre-September 15th."

Human Rights Watch reported that police and other Pakistani officials have successfully departed 20,000 Afghans outright and "created a coercive environment for Afghans to force them to return" while condemning the move. The organization gave a figure of over 375,000 Afghans returning across the border.

Megan Fahrney writing for the Council on Foreign Relations reported on Pakistan's motivations, saying, "Pakistan says the measure is necessary to stem the growing influence of terrorist groups operating in its border region." Per the CFR report, approximately 15,000 Afghans are crossing back into Afghanistan daily, and Pakistan has created 49 new deportation centers.

Pakistan’s interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar told reporters in November 2023, "A significant portion of those involved in criminal and terrorist activities are among these illegal immigrants."

Pakistani Senator Sarfraz Bugti posted a video to X of Afghan nationals departing via bus with the caption, "Today, we said goodbye to 64 Afghan nationals as they began their journey back home. This action is a testament to Pakistan's determination to repatriate any individuals residing in the country without proper documentation."

The Times of India attributed the post to interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar. In November the interim PM said that Afghans waiting for U.S. visas "won't be deported," according to The Hindustan Times

He stressed at the time that the 1.4 million Afghan refugees in the nation legally have lived in Pakistan with “full respect and safety.” But speaking for those in the country illegally he added, “they cannot live in Pakistan for an indefinite period.”

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I have read that Eisenhower deported 3 million during his presidency. It can be done. We need a leader like him again.


first we have to remove the people in our country that are using the democrats to destroy America.


The US needs to deport millions, and the US needs to hold Mexico responsible for the border as well. If Trump were president now, he would make everyone responsible, and we could stop the mass illegal immigration of mainly criminals and terrorist.

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