NYC's Commissioner Caban claims crime is down but says it "appears" up due to media coverage

NEW YORK, NY- As New York City confronts rising concerns over crime, Police Commissioner Edward Caban emphasizes that the safety of the city is often a matter of "perception versus reality."

Despite a surge in random street and subway violence, a deepening migrant crisis, and the tragic shooting of an officer during a traffic stop, Caban asserts that the country's largest city remains safe overall.

"We have one bad incident, it’s magnified all over social media, and it sets us all back," Caban remarked, highlighting the impact of sensationalized news on public perception.

His sentiments were echoed by Mayor Eric Adams, who stated, "Public safety is the actual safety, and it's how people are feeling. Stats don't matter if people don't believe they are in a safe environment."

Recent data from the New York Police Department supports Caban's claims to some extent. Crime was down overall in the first quarter of 2024, with significant reductions in murders (down 19%), burglaries (down 17%), and grand larcenies (down 7%). Shooting incidents also decreased by almost 26% in March compared to the previous year.

However, certain types of crime saw an uptick last month. Incidents of rape increased by 16 compared to March 2023, totaling 148 incidents. Felony assaults rose by 118, reaching a total of 2,278 cases.

To address safety concerns within the transit system, the NYPD deployed 800 officers as part of "Operation Fare Play," which aimed at enforcing fare evasion.

Additionally, Governor Kathy Hochul directed National Guard members to conduct bag checks in some of the busiest subway stations following well-publicized attacks, including the slashing of a subway conductor and the pushing of a rider onto the tracks at Penn Station.

Hochul stated, "These brazen, heinous attacks on our subway system will not be tolerated."

The issue of crime, particularly involving migrants, has become a contentious topic during the ongoing election season. While there is no collected data of a migrant-driven crime wave, high-profile incidents have fueled political debates.

Caban acknowledged the concerns surrounding migrant crime but emphasized that the NYPD would hold anyone who commits a crime accountable, irrespective of their immigration status.

Caban also expressed his concerns about the state's bail reform laws, which sometimes result in defendants being released despite repeated offenses. "We lock people up over and over again. We're seeing the same people," he lamented, describing the system as "broken."

Edward Caban's appointment as the NYPD Commissioner in 2022 marked a historic moment, as he became the first Latino to lead the department in its history. A 30-year veteran of the force, Caban has risen through the ranks since joining the NYPD in 1991.

His appointment was officially announced by Mayor Eric Adams at the department’s 40th Precinct in the Bronx, where Caban began his career. Reflecting on his journey, Caban acknowledged the significance of his appointment and thanked his father, a former transit officer, for mentoring him.

Despite the challenges and tragedies faced by the NYPD, including the recent death of Officer Jonathan Diller, Caban remains proud of the department's diversity and its commitment to keeping New York City safe. "Whether it's a family of blood or a family of blue, it hurts to the core," he said, emphasizing that isolated incidents should not overshadow the overall safety of the city.

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How many mornings or evenings does the Commissioner ride public transportation without a pack of bodyguards or go grocery shopping, or play at a park with his family. He is out of touch with reality of an everyday citizen experience. You also can not know the true crime staticstics when you discontinue counting or tracking varous catagories of crimes to lower your numbers. Like the military has done with the lack of recruiting Soldiers.


This ^^^^


This idiot is a Liar we ALL NO he's full of chit !


Crime (National Crime Victimization Survey) shows a 44% increase in the USA.


Crime "appears" down when victims don't bother reporting crimes they know law enforcement won't even pretend to investigate.

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