North Carolina police training to incorporate 64 terms for 'gender identity', reduces training on constitutional law

RALEIGH, NC - The newly proposed Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) for the State of North Carolina is drawing media scrutiny after reports emerged that the training program developed by the state Department of Justice's Justice Academy will include an article defining 64 terms for gender identity. 

As reported by The Carolina Journal, the program is offered to all citizens over the age of 20 who are seeking to embark on a career in law enforcement and is to serve as entry-level training for the cognitive and physical qualities necessary to become a certified law enforcement officer.

Despite almost doubling the written materials, increasing the number of training hours well above the national average of 652 hours, and lengthening the course from 16 to 21 weeks, the revisions have reduced the materials and time for constitutional law while adding "politically correct" gender identity training.

Speaking to the Journal, Jon Guze, a Senior Fellow in Legal Studies at the John Locke Foundation, expressed his concerns over the newly prioritized training.

“Police training is important, and there’s always room for improvement. This proposal may include many good ideas. Nevertheless, I’m concerned about a couple of things,” Guze said, pointing to the BLET Advisory Group’s approval of curriculum revisions in May 2023. These revisions included the use of "gender-neutral terminology" with the public under the auspices of "Communication Skills for Law Enforcement Officers."

He also referenced revisions to the Course Management Guide, which tells instructors to utilize an article that defines at least 64 terms for gender identity from Healthline. According to Fox News, these guidelines are intended to provide information on so-called "hate crimes."

“This hardly seems like a productive use of time for police trainees and their instructors. Making matters worse, the same section of the proposed revision to the Course Management Guide directs instructors to the Human Rights Campaign and the Anti-Defamation League as sources to consult regarding which classes of people are vulnerable to hate crimes. Neither of those sources can be regarded as objective. On the contrary, both have been credibly accused of being biased,” Guze told the outlet.

Guze observed that the best way to reduce police misconduct, rather than a politically biased training overhaul, is to hire more officers and pay them higher salaries. This would theoretically attract more quality applicants.

“Putting more active-duty police officers in the field will mean fewer crimes. Fewer crimes will mean fewer and less fraught interactions between the police and the public,” he told the Journal. “Similarly, higher pay scales will attract a larger and better-qualified pool of potential officers. A larger and better-qualified pool of potential officers will reduce the incentive for agencies to keep or rehire bad actors and improve the overall level of professionalism.”

In a document obtained by Fox, Alex Gazaway, the Justice Academy Training Manager said, "The Academy has begun implementation of the proposed BLET curriculum in pilot delivery sites throughout the state. The Academy has begun implementation of the proposed BLET curriculum in pilot delivery sites throughout the state."
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It's not bad enough the leadership of many agencies are becoming idiots, now they are trying to dumb down the rank and file.


We are told to follow the science, which I do there are only two genders, MALE and FEMALE period.


So gender pronouns are more important than constitutional law? People better wake up instead of sleep walking through life. There is only male & female no in between!


The shame is, that these poor people who were so easily deceived into these dead ends by this gender bender construct, are the first ones they throw under the bus. They use them and then throw them away like garbage once they have outlived their usefulness.


Aw...You guys. So Harsh. So Unfeeling. I mean...golly...What could possibly go wrong here? Buncha genderphobes. (I just make that last one up).


Thankful retirement comes soon.




Like the police don't have enough to be concerned about. Pronouns now, give me a break. bunch of B$


This is typical Democratic politics and policies...They've been trying to get rid of our constitution for years, and by putting their delusional "Gender Pronouns " befote the training of the constitution proves it...There is no "Hate " crime when I say excuse me miss/sir, because I am going by what I see, there is no disrespect either...And the government making it a crime is absurd...Extreme Liberalism has ruined this country, all by design...And it breaks my heart that They've divided us with such extreme measures...People need to WTF UP...


Those who have instituted this Gender insanity are either soft in the head or are deliberately using a Confusion Agenda to lower the intelligence further in America. It is imperative trainees for the Police Department study far more worthwhile material like our Constitution.


North Carolina has done some questionable things politically in the last few years. This is another misguided effort. The designation of 'hate' is somewhat subjective and should be left to the DA after reviewing gathered evidence, not determined in the field by the officer. This effort is a waste and counterproductive.


I would think the only pronouns the police would need to use are - Perp, victim, RP (Reporting Person), driver, passenger, etc. Besides that, use the persons LEGAL name, not a nickname, or whatever name the person feels like using that day. What a completely idiotic world we've found ourselves in..


This is not surprising considering Dem. Gov. Roy Cooper's history. The state is over ran with liberal colleges and politics producing younger, more of the same. That coupled with the good old boy system has decimated every level of state government and most L.E. Agencies in the state. There trying to go unnoticed but there are Elected Sheriffs putting people in patrol cars that have not or could not successfully complete B.L.E.T., allowing them to spend a year on the road and then terminating and immediately rehiring them to repeatedly do it again. The Sheriffs Training and Standards allows Sheriffs to do this which is a policy easily abused. You will also notice deputies will spend most of their time patrolling rich donor areas of the county. The overall quality of officers is greatly diminished and things will assuredly just get worse. Good officers are hard to find and getting out ASAP. California has recently started hiring illegal immigrants as police, so things will get worse. And BASIC Law Enforcement Training School further reducing U.S. Constitutional Law ! Be vigilant in fighting for and protecting your U.S. Constitutional 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights! You can't have the 2nd without the 1st. You will ultimately need them to protect yourself and your own family! Seriously, do you REALLY believe any aspect of our govt. is looking out for U.S. Citizen's best interest today ? I submit this Nation's unsecured southern border, out of control spending and National Debt for starters if you do !


This is an issue about the two sexes. Gender identity is a lie, popularized by two degenerates, among others: (1) child-molesting fraud John Money of Johns Hopkins University, via the lies in Money's John/Joan study, where Money sexually tortured many children (most famously, the Reimer twins) and then lied about it; and (2) child-rape normalizer Alfred Kinsey, via the lies in his famous "Kinsey report." Kinsey published the Report in expanded form as a book: "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" (1948). The book was the fourth-best seller in 1948. In the book, on page 176, Kinsey puts a table to describe the relative likelihood of causing a baby to "orgasm." According to the table on page 176, the youngest baby in the experiment, which did not "orgasm," was two months old -- and the youngest babies to "orgasm" were two three-month-olds. On page 161, Kinsey describes the so-called orgasms: "[The babies] will fight away from the partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax, although they derive definite pleasure from the situation." Judith Reisman (1935-2021) published many effective and damning critiques of Kinsey. This is an issue about the two sexes. Gender identity is a lie, popularized by two degenerates, among others: John Money and Alfred Kinsey.

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