'Not one Mexican': Group of illegal immigrants interviewed near San Diego border wall

JACUMBA, CA - While San Diego has continued to hold the position as the top city in the U.S. for illegal border crossings, a Wednesday report from about an hour east of the city has gripped national attention.

Fox News Correspondent Bill Melugin interviewed a group of illegal immigrants coming over the border near the town of Jacumba and discovered that among the group, there wasn't a single Mexican national. Rather, according to Melugin, the men were from Iran, Pakistan, China, Turkey, India, & Bangladesh.

Melugin, reporting in a video posted to X, wrote that he and his team found the group from the Middle East and Asia as they crossed at about 2:00 a.m. He added, "Several of the men are 'special interest aliens,' meaning they come from countries with potential security concerns & *should* be subject to additional DHS vetting."
  Melugin added, “This location is about an hour east of San Diego, as Border Patrol’s San Diego sector has moved to #1 for illegal crossings at the southern border in recent weeks for the first time since the 1990s.”

Speaking with a resident who collects discarded IDs and passports the reporter said that he has collected examples from China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan among other high-risk countries. “They’re just dropping this stuff on the ground to come here and assume a new identity,” he explained, according to Hannity.com.

According to reporting from Breitbart, “Guardia Nacional” soldiers were reportedly camped near the border wall in temporary facilities where they were able to reduce the number of crossings significantly for a time. They described to the outlet the significant challenge of patrolling the rocky terrain. Translated, one soldier said,
It takes us more than an hour and a half to hike to the top of this one mountain right here and we have several miles to cover along this area — it’s impossible.”

Customs and Border Protection sources observed that over 27,000 illegal immigrants from the People's Republic of China (PRC) alone have been captured crossing the border into San Diego in the last seven months with at least 3,000 crossing in April.

Reporters from Breitbart in Texas also reported witnessing illegal immigrants dropped at a Trolley station near Otay Mesa near San Diego by the Border Patrol from China, Cuba, Venezuela, and several other nations.

Open Eye Reports stated in a post to X Tuesday that in 2023 alone, 37,439 Chinese nationals entered the U.S. illegally via the southern border compared to less than 10,000 in the previous decade.
A source within the CBP told Breitbart that nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants are being released daily into the community.
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