Urgent health threat? Passenger drops dead mid-flight after 'liters of blood erupts from his mouth and nose’

Editor note: There are a lot of questions still open surrounding this story.  At this time, our sources tell us that not a single one of the passengers was believed to have been quarantined - but rather went on to travel on other planes shortly after.

Although officials have not released ANY information about what caused the man's death - healthcare experts who are sources of Law Enforcement Today have raised concerns about exactly what it may have been - and encouraged us to read up about hemorrhagic fevers.  We'd encourage you to do the same.  Education is the best tool we have to protect our families - no matter what this turns out to be.

Bangkok, Thailand- A disturbing story in the New York Post tells of a passenger on board a flight from Thailand to Germany who suddenly had blood begin gushing out of his mouth and nose. That passenger died from the massive loss of blood. 

The passenger, a 63-year-old German man, boarded the Lufthansa Airlines flight in Bangkok shortly before midnight. According to sources, the man was visibly sick as he boarded the aircraft, with “cold sweats” and “breathing much too quickly,” according to Swiss German outlet Blick

Initial reports say the man’s wife claimed they had been in a rush to catch the flight, explaining why he wasn’t feeling well. 

However, that didn’t sit well with Karin Missfelder, a nursing specialist at the University Hospital in Zurich, who told a flight attendant that the man needed to be examined by a doctor. That led a young Polish man, who claimed to be a doctor, to examine the man, who asked the male how he was feeling. Told he was ok and only checking his pulse, the “doctor” claimed the man was okay. 

“They gave him a little chamomile tea, but he already spit blood into the bag that his wife held out to him,” said Martin Missfelder, Karin’s husband. 

That was only the beginning of the horrific episode, as blood soon started streaming from the man’s mouth and nose. 

“It was absolute horror; everyone was screaming,” Martin Missfelder said. 

Missfelder believed the man lost “liters” of blood, with much of it splattering on the cabin of the Airbus A-380. The man soon went into cardiac arrest, and flight attendants performed CPR for about a half-hour on the man, even as Karin Missfelder knew it was hopeless. 

After attempts to revive the man failed, the captain announced the passenger had passed away. The cabin crew carried him to the aft galley of the plane, and the airliner turned and headed back to Thailand. 

In a statement, Lufthansa Airlines praised the cabin crew and those who assisted the stricken passenger. 

“Although immediate and comprehensive first aid measures were taken by the crew and a doctor on board, the passenger died during the flight,” the statement read. 

“Our thoughts are with the relatives of the deceased passenger. We also regret the inconvenience caused to the passengers of this flight,” the statement continued. 

According to flight data, the airliner departed Bangkok at 11:50 pm local time on Thursday and landed in Thailand at 8:28 am Friday. Passengers said they waited approximately two hours after landing back in Bangkok before getting rebooked on another flight to Germany. 

Kristin Missfelder regretted not intervening earlier, although it is unknown if that would have made a difference. 

“I should have intervened, but I saw that a doctor was looking after him, so I didn’t want to get involved,” she said, admitting that “the man looked so bad, I don’t understand why the captain took off.” 

Lufthansa was criticized for their handling of passengers, including the victim’s wife, after the incident. 

Martin Missfelder said Lufthansa staff left passengers to fend for themselves upon returning to Thailand. 

“She stood there all alone and apathetic and had to endure all the formalities,” Missfelder told Blick, according to the Daily Mail. The airline offered the traumatized passengers only the equivalent of a $12 voucher for their inconvenience. 

It is unknown what caused the sudden loss of blood of the victim. No further details have been released, including the name of the victim or if an autopsy was performed. 

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Probably ruptured esophageal varices from advanced alcoholic liver disease. Most likely.


Lol....probably huh🙄


My uneducated guess would have been an esophageal hemorrhage as well; possibly also effecting the lungs. (Not a Doctor or a Nurse)


I am an RN of 40 years nursing practice. My initial thought immediately went to rupture of esophageal varisies also. A close friend of my family had this occur and from reports from the family, it was absolutely horrific to witness their husband and father as this occurred in the home. The man was an alcoholic and died almost immediately after the hemorrhage. Of course, homorragic fever can have the same symptoms and outcome. I wonder how long it will take before we hear the cause of this tragic event, if we hear anything at all?


Acute chamomile toxicity.


Not to say there's any connection... But 3 weeks ago Denver Health vaccinated their staff with an Ebola vaccine... that has a 30% shedding rate ;-)


The casual dismissal of the passengers to continue on their way sort of reminds me of the start of the Covid 19 spread.

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