Police impersonator assaults reporter covering his arrest

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REVERE, MA - A Revere man has been arraigned on charges he allegedly shoved a reporter who was covering his court date on a police impersonation charge.

Byron Boisseau, 44, was hit with the added charge of assault and battery on a person over 60 after shoving the reporter, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Kevin Hayden.

Boisseau was initially arrested on July 23rd and charged with impersonation of a police officer, possession of burglarious tools, carrying a dangerous weapon, and disorderly conduct.

According to court documents, on the evening of July 23rd, Revere police were alerted about a male subject driving a late model Ford Crown Victoria with amber lights. The Ford had been following another vehicle too closely and the other vehicle had to pull off the roadway.

The civilian had taken cell phone video of the Crown Victoria flashing amber lights and running her off the road. A Massachusetts state trooper found the vehicle later with lights flashing on Revere Beach Boulevard.

The trooper observed that the vehicle had no police markings but did have two "thin blue line" stickers on the rear bumper and a black hat with the word "security" embroidered on it in the rear window.

The trooper found Boisseau behind the wheel of the Crown Victoria wearing a black shirt with "security" written across the front. A silver badge holder was hanging from the rearview mirror.

Boisseau was found to be in possession of a firearm that shoots mace pellets and a BB gun. Boisseau explained to the trooper that he works as a private security contractor, according to prosecutors.

The trooper noted in his report that when he exited his service vehicle, he observed Boisseau step out wearing a police-style duty belt with the BB gun holstered, and an expandable baton.

The trooper removed Boisseau’s belt and confirmed the gun was loaded with metal pellets. Troopers arrived and searched the vehicle further where they found a bulletproof vest, a large black flashlight, a black ski mask, a breathalyzer system, and two pairs of bolt cutters next to a ski mask.

The district attorney’s office also announced that Boisseau was found to be in possession of a pushbar police-style bumper, handcuffs, and a placard that is usually used to hold citations.

The district attorney’s office issued a statement after the arrest, saying, "Impersonating a police officer of public official is not only dangerous but is also a crime. The individual chose to commit another crime right after exiting court after answering to a different one. We all have a job to do, use of force or violence against someone performing their professional duties will never be tolerated, as this individual found out."

Boisseau shoved the reporter after he was asked for comment outside the court room on the impersonation case. Boisseau became angry and combative and shoved the reporter to the ground.

The incident was captured on video and the video was handed over to officials and Boisseau was arrested again. He is due back in court at a later date this fall.
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