Leftist District Attorney Pamela Price has work laptop stolen out of $90K taxpayer-funded SUV

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - According to several reports, Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price had a work laptop stolen from her security team's SUV.

The progressive, George Soros-backed district attorney was visiting a victims' justice center on Friday, October 27th when the alleged theft occurred just after 3:00 p.m. A local ABC News reporter posted to X that Price waited an hour for police to show up before "giving up" and filing a report online. 

The Free Beacon reported that the government-issued laptop was one of several items stolen from Price's $90,000 taxpayer-funded SUV. 

Price's security team had parked the vehicle outside the Alameda County Family Justice Center where the district attorney was attending an event. The Democrat district attorney is a staunch supporter of lowering all penalties and sentences to a term of probation or the lowest-level prison term. 

Back in March, the Berkeley Scanner released a leaked document from her office showing that "almost all felonies, including those that are serious or violent, will now be probation eligible." 

According to the East Bay Express, Soros flooded Price's campaign back in 2018 with over $130,000. Months after being sworn in, locals are pushing an effort to recall Price from office. 

The theft incident is just the latest example of the surge in crime across the state of California. Thanks to the passing of Proposition 47, crime has skyrocketed since 2014. Proposition 47 reclassified theft of $950 or less from a felony to a misdemeanor.

In 2022, a bill that would lower that threshold to $450 failed in the California State Legislature.  Car break-ins are up more than 41 percent since 2019 and robberies are 30 percent higher since the same timeframe. 

More than 100 people have been murdered in the city of Oakland so far this year and dispatch response times are so slow that some locals said they have quit calling 911 for help. 

Response times to calls reporting in-progress misdemeanors, disputes with the potential to turn violent and stolen vehicles more than tripled going from an average of one hour and 25 minutes in 2018 to four hours and 24 minutes in 2022. 

Price has responded to her constituents' mounting concerns by saying that her job has "no impact on crime." Earlier in the year, she fired Oakland's police chief, petitioned a judge to grant a seven-year sentence to a teen linked to three murders, and sought parole for gang members who killed a toddler in a high-profile case. 

According to Zero Hedge, not long after taking office, Price hired her boyfriend, Antwon Cloird as a "senior program specialist" with a six-figure income. Residents say that Price's soft-on-crime antics as well as her controversial decisions are making things far worse for the community and costing innocent lives. 
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