Man with previous sex offense conviction arrested after trying to kidnap kid at school during recess

AURURA, CO - Authorities with the Aurora Police Department (APD) confirmed that a man has been booked into jail after attempting to kidnap a young child at Black Forest Hills Elementary School.

According to CBS News, the suspect, 33-year-old Soloman Galligan, reportedly walked onto school property and approached several children on Friday afternoon, April 19th. Before leaving the premises, he tried to grab a young boy. Court records indicate that Galligan has a 2012 conviction in Jefferson County for failing to register as a sex offender.

The nature of his previous sex crime is not clear as his name does not appear on the state's sex offender registry. Police are not sure what prompted him to leave the school grounds, but officers found a man matching the description of the one reported and arrested Galligan. He has been charged with one count of attempted kidnapping and is being held in the Arapahoe County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

According to a school district spokesperson, after the incident, around 2:15 p.m., a phone call to parents said that an unidentified man entered school property, "engaged" with students, and then left. The phone call indicated that recess ended early and all students were brought inside as security personnel and police officers investigated the incident. Parents were informed that they could pick up their children early if they wanted to. 

After school got out on Friday, Black Forest Hills Elementary Principal Amanda Replogle alerted parents of the incident via an email, informing them that the incident occurred during one of the recess hours and that school staff met to discuss what happened. She also said that they would continue to meet to discuss what happened. 

Her email said, in part, "Today after dismissal, we held a meeting with staff and district security, and I asked staff to maintain continued diligence around safety precautions. On Monday, I will convene our School Safety Team to review security protocols and procedures." According to NBC Montana, in a separate email from the Cherry Creek School District, parents were told that there would be an increased security and police presence during dismissal on Friday.

The email also said, "The School Safety Team will convene Monday to review security protocols as is our usual procedure after any safety incident. To ensure students feel safe outside at recess, there will be increased supervision this week and staff will talk with students to reinforce safety practices."

In another email, on Sunday, April 21st, the school district alerted Black Forest Hills Elementary parents that the person who was mentioned in the previous emails had been arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping. The email says, in part, "We share this information to keep you informed and offer some important safety tips. 

Please remind your child to be watchful as they are walking to and from school, to walk in pairs or with friends, and to avoid talking with and to never accept a ride from strangers. Also, remind students to report anything suspicious to police or a trusted adult at school."

In October of 2023, an Oklahoma police department arrested a registered sex offender who was discovered hiding inside a Catholic school. Staff at St. Joseph Catholic School in Enid contacted the Enid Police Department after finding 44-year-old Michael Eugene Steele sleeping underneath a piano. At the time they found him, he was allegedly near a child. 

Steele entered the school through an unlocked door and allegedly told the school's principal that he was there before people were after him. At the time, Investigative Services Division Lt. Bryan Hart said in a statement, "Sex offenders who think they can violate their sex offender registration need to be mindful that they are being watched and will be charged accordingly."
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I can't imagine this monster grabbing my child, a nightmare!


I saw that guy on Walking Dead.


I saw that guy on Walking Dead.


He ought to play the lead in some monster flick.....he's scary looking as is!


Really bad part is they keep getting released until they actually kill someones child. The ones like this one easily picked up visually by most kids, but the ones that "look" normal & may live same neighborhood really bad.


That's a face only a mother could love !

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