Rep. Crane destroys the mainstream media, calling the journalists 'cowards' and hypocrites about President Trump

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a video posted by Real America's Voice, Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) directly called out the mainstream media for its misleading coverage of former President Donald Trump losing his appeal of his "presidential immunity" from criminal prosecution for the events that transpired on January 6.

Crane said, "You know what I love about this, watching where President Trump is at in the polls. I love it because it shows the American people don't trust you guys, and they shouldn't because you guys are full of it and everybody knows it. There's a few honest journalists in this town, but they're very far and few in between. You know how I know it wasn't an insurrection? Because he hasn't been charged with insurrection."

He added, "And we can all see by the lawfare how he's facing up over 700 years in jail right now. How they tried to destroy this man; destroy his businesses and if they felt they had an inkling of a chance of convicting President Trump of jaywalking or insurrection they would absolutely charge him. You know how else I know it's not an insurrection? Because this is the first insurrection in the history of the world were the people that were a part of it were unarmed. Pretty hard to do if you walk around and see how many individuals are carrying firearms."

Crane continued on saying, "Alright, last thing I want to say about how I know it's not an insurrection is cause I actually listen to the words of the President. If you're trying to stoke an insurrection, you don't tell the people listening, 'Hey, I want you to go over there peacefully and patriotically.' Alright, this is not an insurrection. What it is, is a party that's scared to death of this man because he's America-first and he's shown time and time again he's willing to bust up the swamp and he continues to beat you like a drum. That's what this is really about."

The Republican Representative called out the mainstream journalists, stating that they are "part of a propaganda outlet," and that they have "no courage," saying that they don't ask the right questions about January 6. He said, "Why has the pipe bomber not been caught yet ... the one individual that could have committed mass causalities has not been caught yet."

He said, "There's a pretty big cover up actually going on up here in Capitol Hill about some of the involvement of our government and its quite unsavory. And I want to acknowledge Rep. Massie's work on this lately and others who have been trying to get to the bottom of it, but here's some other questions for you 'journalists' to ask: Why did it take so long for Ray Epps to be charged? Go watch videos of Ray Epps on that day and how he was stoking the entire thing and how long it took him to be charged. And yet, there were so many people that were brought into the D.C. jail and they're still there to this day."

Crane finished his speech by saying, "We all know President Trump did not commit insurrection and he's probably going to be the president of the United States once again. And, so I'm happy to be a part of this resolution. I'm happy to support the president and I'm happy to call out all you little cowardly liars in the press. Thank you."
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