DHS Secretary Mayorkas confesses more than 85% of illegal immigrants released into the U.S.: 'On alternatives to detention'

EAGLE PASS, TX— In a candid moment, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas moment reportedly told Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, that the Biden administration is releasing over 85% of the illegal immigrants that are captured into the United States.

The initial reporting from Bill Melugin of Fox News was confirmed on January 8 by the official X account of the NBPC. Melugin reported, "Per three Border Patrol sources who were in the room, while meeting privately with agents in Eagle Pass, TX today, DHS Sec. Mayorkas admitted that the current release rate for migrants caught crossing the border illegally is “above 85%”. I’m awaiting comment from DHS."

Reposting the report, the Border Patrol Union gave unambiguous confirmation that this conversation did indeed take place, writing, "Your sources are correct. During this meeting, Brandon Judd told Mayorkas that Americans have the right to know the facts about what's going on at the border. It was at that point Mayorkas admitted that 'over 85%' of the people illegally crossing our border are being released."

Fox News reported that Mayorkas made the comment privately while meeting with Border Patrol agents in Eagle Pass, TX. The agents asked about his comments with Bret Baier on "Special Report," addressing reports that over 70% of illegal immigrants are released. 

He reportedly said, "It would not surprise me at all. I know the data. And I will tell you that when individuals are released, they are released into immigration enforcement proceedings. They are on alternatives to detention."

"And we have returned or removed a record number of individuals. We are enforcing the laws that Congress has passed," he claimed. He then confirmed the release rate to be "above 85%"

The devastating report comes just days after it was reported by Law Enforcement Today that Mayorkas' impeachment proceedings from The House Homeland Security Committee have begun in earnest and comes as a direct contradiction to a statement given by Mayorkas to the press Monday when he said "the majority of all migrants encountered at the southwest border throughout this administration have been removed, returned or expelled. A majority of them.”

He added, "We are doing everything we can, within a broken system, to incentivize noncitizens to use lawful pathways, to impose consequences on those who do not, and to reduce irregular migration," using the latest soft-language euphemism for the criminal act of illegally entering the United States.
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The lizard should be hung for crimes committed against the United States!


These illegals seldom show up for their hearings and get lost in our society until or unless they get caught unless they get caught doing a crime and captured before they sneak back across the Border. The people should be immediately deported and come into the US the legal way! NO EXCEPTIONS!

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