Ryan Garcia - a world class boxer and anti-child trafficking advocate - is taking over the internet

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LOS ALAMITOS, CA - Boxing sensation Ryan Garcia has set the internet abuzz in recent weeks in relation to his claims of alien experience (actual aliens, for clarification- not illegal immigrants). 

Garcia can be seen online often posting about his stance on child trafficking and his pursuit to end the crisis. He doubles down on that with his support and admiration for God. Although the law enforcement community as a whole understands the child trafficking epidemic in America, Garcia is working to bring more public awareness to it. 

In recent weeks, Garcia has been extremely active on social media with what many say are wild conspiracy theories, outlandish claims, or outright troubling posts. 

Within the last two weeks, Garcia has:

•    Claimed he was kidnapped by the Illuminati
•    Said he has proof that he was raped as a two-year-old
•    Predicted Las Vegas and Los Angeles would be destroyed by an earthquake in June
•    Claimed he has physical proof that aliens exist
•    Made informal yet serious marriage proposals to two women
•    Most recently said he may bite both of his opponent’s ears off during his next boxing match

Garcia (24-1, 20 Kos) is scheduled for April 20 to box Devin Haney (31-0, 15Kos) in what is shaping up to be a mega pay-per-view event. 

However, critics of Garcia are raising concerns over his overall mental health and whether he should be boxing at all. 

Garcia often follows up with his social media posts, most notably on X, to tell people to lighten up and that he is just “messing around." He even spent the time to give a shout-out to the LAPD.

Many online want to see him continue to bring awareness to the human and child sex trafficking problem in the world, but there also appears to be some concern over his online actions. 

He recently shared a video of Tim Tebow speaking to Congress about child sexual abuse. 

After several users trolled Garcia with morbid comments, he responded with, “Some of you are Children. There is real warriors on the front lines saving these kids. Going on missions and rescuing these innocent souls. And you are like ‘yo drop the proof.’ I’ve spoken to them and we as a team decided what to do…”

There has been concern over circumstances in his life from his own family, as made evident by a different post, he made, in which he wrote, “I wanted to personally send out a video to the people that love me and my family that's concerned. I'm OK. I'm not dead, I believe in Jesus and all those are lies. They tried to put me in jail, they are blocking my cards, I can't access my money and nobody is hitting me back. I don't know what's going on but just know that I'm OK."

Regardless of his intent with the posts on aliens and biting ears, Garcia is gaining much internet attention which is bringing eyes to his posts on child trafficking that might not have otherwise seen them.


Writer Eddie Molina is a veteran and has over 25 years of combined LEO/military service. He owns and operates the apparel company www.BuyHeroStuff.com 

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