Follow the science? Student flunked by teacher for saying 'only men have penises' and 'only women can get pregnant'

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SEATTLE, WA - To say that wokeness is getting out of control is a vast understatement. The latest episode takes us to Seattle, where a left-wing history teacher flunked a student on a quiz because he had the audacity to answer questions by stating only women can get pregnant and only men have penises, KTTH’s Jason Rantz reported. 

Rantz reports that students in a 10th-grade Ethnic Studies World History class at Chief Stealth International High School were given a quiz titled “Understanding Gender vs. Sex.” That title alone has alarm bells written all over it and if you believe that, you are correct. In the quiz, students were provided many statements to which they had to answer true or false or multiple-choice questions. 

As expected, the quiz included questions on proper pronoun usage, such as, “When someone uses ‘they/them’ pronouns, what does that mean about their gender identity?” Or questions on assumptions someone can make around gender identity.

For example, “True/false: Transgender people are gay.” Those questions could possibly be defined as subjective in nature, however, two questions were clearly false, that is, except in the woke schools of Democrat-run cities like Seattle, where students are taught precisely the opposite. 

Question four was a true or false question stating, “All men have penises.”

The student in question, who is probably familiar with biology and human anatomy, gave the correct answer, which is true. Not in Seattle, however, where the teacher marked the answer wrong, claiming women can have a penis. 

Next is question seven, again a true or false statement, “Only women can get pregnant.” The same student again marked that statement true since biological women are the only ones who have the proper apparatus–a uterus–which is required to carry a child.

Again, the student’s answer was marked wrong since our teacher, who likely has a minor in “queer theory,” believes men can have babies. 

Rantz was contacted by the student’s mother, in which she expressed “frustration and anger.” She reached out to her child’s school but was “met with silence.” 

“I keep trying to wrap my head around how it is legal to teach inaccurate information and force students to answer against their beliefs or receive negative scores,” she told Rantz. The woman asked not to be identified because she doesn’t want her son to be doxxed by “tolerant” liberals. 

The woman told Rantz she was concerned about the school allowing teachers to bring political beliefs into the classroom on a regular basis. She noted gender identity is one example but said her child, who is white, is also routinely scrutinized due to his skin color and so-called “privilege.” 

She said teachers have referred to her son as “fucked and racist,” a product of the patriarchy that teaches young boys not to care about anything,” and that “he shouldn’t use the term straight to identify as because it’s ‘offensive.’” At one time, this would be called bullying and would not be tolerated by a school, but since the bullying complies with the preferred politically correct narrative, it’s apparently acceptable. 

Rantz reached out to the Seattle Public Schools, which referred to the quiz as “inclusive” while arguing it was appropriate for an Ethnic Studies course, facts and science be damned. 

“Seattle Public Schools is dedicated to establishing inclusive environments that allow exploration of contemporary issues, specifically examining the impacts of power systems such as racism and patriarchy,” the spokesperson told the Jason Rantz Show. “This commitment extends to fostering welcoming and inclusive settings where students, staff, and families have the freedom to express their authentic selves.”

That is unless they are straight, white males. 

According to the spokesperson, the quiz complies with state and local guidelines covering such topics; however, they did not make it clear how a woke lesson that ignores “the science” has anything to do with world history. 

Despite her son failing the quiz, the mother said she’s “proud of him because he refused to answer against his beliefs (which are medically and scientifically accurate or at least used to be).” 

Fear not, however. The school district said the failing quiz score will not be used against the student’s overall grade. Rantz isn’t buying it. 

“But that’s beside the point. The student failed for refusing to answer politically motivated questions intended to legitimize an extremist gender identity movement claiming gender is fluid. The students aren’t being taught; they’re being indoctrinated. And it’s by design: district leaders think this lesson is not only appropriate but factually accurate.” 

As Rantz notes, leftist educators try to equivocate by claiming gender and sex are different; they can claim that someone can indeed change their gender, which is absurd. Gender can be “fluid,” not like someone’s sex, which is determined at birth. As Rantz continues, you simply cannot separate the two. 

And given what we’ve seen in this country, is it beyond comprehension that this leftist teacher won’t take it out on this boy for not kowtowing to leftist ideology?

Radical teachers have gone out of their way to punish students who dare to “follow the (real) science).” In this case, the mother has said she will pay close attention to how her son may be treated moving forward. 

Ironically, the mother, in this particular case, identifies as a moderate liberal; however, she is concerned about the direction in which schools are headed. The problem is today’s “moderate liberals” are considered to be “right-wing extremists” by the radical progressive leftists that make up today’s Democrat Party. 

Rantz notes that polls routinely show the American people are rejecting the gender identity radicals and that polling crosses party lines. Liberal media outlets won’t report on that, however, because newsrooms, just like classrooms, are populated with Marxist radicals. This particular mother said she reached out to Rantz because she knows that “no liberal news outlets would run a story like this.” 

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Time for a lawsuit !


The woke lib democrats continue to destroy our dear country.


The woke lib democrats continue to destroy our dear country.


Absurd! Nature has ordained that there are two sexes, male and female. Males have penises and females have vaginas and ovaries. Only females can get pregnant, obviously. This stupid teacher should be fired for incompetence.

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