Former police chief: Here are ten predictions for 2024 ... and none of them are good

With the New Year upon us, 2024 promises to be an interesting year, following up on 2023, which will be a tough act to follow. From an unprecedented illegal alien invasion into the country to former President Trump being subjected to nearly 100 indictments from politically motivated prosecutors and attorneys general, 2023 was one for the books. That may be only a small appetizer to what we will likely face in 2024. 

Writing in Substack and republished in The Gateway Pundit, Leo Hohmann offers a dire look at what might be expected this coming year. 

Much has been made of the invasion of illegals crossing our borders, primarily the southern border with Mexico. Despite the hue and cry from the American people (primarily conservatives), nothing has been done to stop it…in fact, in December, it got much worse. 

We are also not discussing “families” trying to get to America to “build a better life.” An overwhelming majority of those crossing into our country that we know about are military-aged males, including those of Chinese, Middle Eastern, and African descent.

To wonder about that, one doesn’t have to be a far-right conspiracy theorist. Law Enforcement Today has previously reported on the large number of military-aged Chinese men who have entered the country via the Mexican border. The question is, why are they here? 

Hohmann theorizes that anywhere between 1.5 to 5 million foreign soldiers have entered the United States awaiting their orders. Even if it were half that number or one-third, that would be enough to overwhelm our military, at least at the outset. Hohmann used the government’s own statistics to come to that estimate using what he called “moderately conservative numbers.” 

Those numbers assume there were no foreign agents of military age in the country before Biden put up the “Welcome” sign in January 2021. That would not seem to be the case; however, as Hohmann said, he was trying to be conservative. 

The narrative has, of course, also changed from “illegal immigrants” to “asylum seekers” to be more palatable to the most naive among us. Yet, look at videos posted on social media (including by Law Enforcement Today); again, these are not families with young children. They are military-aged males. 

Hohmann offers another chilling theory. Why, he asks, did US federal government agencies that serve no law enforcement purpose stockpile an enormous cache of weapons? Why would the Small Business Administration, Department of Agriculture, and Health and Human Services need guns and ammo, both under the Obama administration and now under Biden? In fact, the flow of weapons and ammunition into federal agencies also occurred under President Trump, albeit at a slower pace. 

Given the administration’s war on the Second Amendment, the DOJ’s persecution of even the most innocent January 6 protest attendee, and their targeting of President Trump and his tens of millions of supporters, is it beyond probability that those weapons stockpiles are intended to supply one side in a possible civil war, that Hohmann suggests “has probably been planned for a long time?” 

The global elitist cabal of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations hope to complete their “Great Reset” by 2030, which would complete their fundamental transformation of global power. That cannot be accomplished as long as the American people maintain the right to keep and bear arms. Only through a disarmed American population can the globalist cabal hope to carry out their goals. 

What are those goals? One is to establish a digital economy that would remove cash from the system and replace it with digital tokens. That would allow the government to track what you spend, where you spend it, and how you spend it. The information would then be used, Hohmann says, “to either reward or punish you based on your carbon footprint.” 

As part of this scheme, everyone would also be connected to a digital ID, allowing government bureaucrats to control their every move. By connecting those digital IDs to so-called “Smart City” technology being installed worldwide, government bureaucrats could control the temperature in your house, what you watch on your devices, and what you consume. This would fulfill part of what the WEF has pledged–” You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

Almost overnight, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. AI can replicate most, if not all, of the tasks humans complete. That makes human beings expendable, a position touted by Yuval Harari, one of Klaus Schwab’s chief assistants at the WEF. 

Where the world was pretty peaceful during the four years of the Trump administration, the world has gone mad since Biden took office, with conflicts in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. As a result of our military and financial assistance to Ukraine, our weapons arsenal has been left dangerously low. Those stockpiles, Hohmann wrote, “will take years to replenish, and nobody’s really talking about it.”

With all of that as background, Hohmann makes the following predictions for 2024 (which, by and large, we agree with).  

  • There is a global effort to censor free speech on the Internet, which was announced by the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on November 6, 2023. Despite their publicly announced plans to do so, the Biden administration has been silent on the issue. Hohmann expects the war on free speech, including on the First Amendment, to continue in 2024.
  • The Second Amendment has long been a target of the progressive left, and the Biden administration has stepped up those efforts. Now, Biden and company are attempting to use the lure of federal tax dollars to pay off states to implement their draconian gun-grabbing legislation. It is expected that American gun owners will be much more reluctant to give up their weapons than residents in Australia and New Zealand were when they gave up their guns to an overreaching government.
  • Inflation remains an issue, as do supply chain issues. Also, many countries have moved away from the dollar, which plays into the Agenda 2030 scheme to make paper currency, especially the dollar, worthless so they can implement their central digital currency. Hohmann expects inflation, in particular on food-related items and fuel, to be subject to rampant inflation. As Hohmann proposes, 2024 will be the year that it all comes tumbling down. 
  • It has long been reported that the United States is vulnerable to cyberattacks, particularly our electric grid. The US is overdue for a cyberattack, and 2024 appears to be when the chickens could come home to roost. A cyberattack on the banking, financial, and communications sectors would bring the country to its collective knees. Any attack on the electric grid by either cyberattack or EMP would prove deadly to overwhelming numbers of Americans. Do not rule out an inside job on this either, Hohmann warns, noting that the US Government, especially under the current regime, isn’t beyond conducting such an operation and blaming Russia. The hope would be to “fuel anti-Russian hatred, appeal to Americans’ sense of patriotism, and implement a military draft” in preparation for an “all-out war with Russia-China in 2025.” 
  • Widespread civil unrest, which first came about (allegedly) in response to the George Floyd death, has continued virtually unabated. Progressives have denounced police, and rabidly progressive district attorneys have stopped prosecuting criminals, causing mayhem on the streets. That civil unrest may further explode depending on next November’s election results. Either way, Hohmann expects lawlessness and civil unrest to continue leading up to that election and expects civil war to break out, estimating the likelihood at 50/50. 
  • Hohmann believes conservatives will finally get their border wall at the US-Mexico border, but not for the reasons we want. Instead of being constructed to keep alien invaders out, the wall will be built to keep Americans inside. He believes there is an adequate number of “sleeper cells” embedded by the globalists inside the US to put down any unrest from patriots. We are not sure of what the end game is, but there has to be a reason why the Biden cabal refuses to shut down the border. Hohmann believes by the end of 2024, if Biden is reelected, the construction of a border wall will resume. 
  • The following scenario surrounds former President Trump, and neither one is good, Hohmann argues. Under scenario one, Trump wins in a landslide when the American people realize Biden is setting us up for a fall. However, he proposes that Trump will never take office because the anti-American cabal will call out their army of BLM, Antifa, and Palestinian sympathizers to hit the streets as they did in 2020, only this time in more significant numbers. Before Trump is sworn in, Biden will declare martial law, with the “Trump is a dictator” hue and cry being shouted from the rooftops. MAGA supporters get rounded up and put in internment camps. Then, Trump is either jailed or assassinated. Don’t believe for a minute that the “Trump is Hitler” cries are not being pushed for a reason. 

Under the second scenario, Trump loses in a fixed election, which will fire up the MAGA crowd. Under either scenario, the possibility of a second American Civil War is not off the table. 

  •  At one time, one could count on the Church as a source of hope and preach the true Gospel. That is no longer the case. Pope Francis is nothing more than a progressive Marxist in a white garment. He and his equivalents in the Protestant churches push false doctrines and serve to “confuse, divide, demoralize, and destroy the church.” The pope recently agreed that priests could bless gay couples, which is counter to the Bible and Catholic church doctrine. Such a declaration, however, will indeed divide the Catholic Church, which is probably intentional. 
  • The global elite learned in 2020 that fear could be a great motivator, especially among the weak-minded. That fear campaign has continued, with the government and big pharma continuing to push mRNA vaccines, which some argue change human genetics. Since the advent of vaccines created “in response” to COVID-19, there has been a spike in deaths of young, otherwise healthy people who have been vaccinated. Is there a connection? Who knows, but it does seem suspicious. The American people seem to have awakened to the perceived risks of the vaccines, with the latest government data showing only 7 percent of U.S. adults have taken the latest booster. Hohmann fears this may further motivate the globalists, making them more dangerous. He expects the vaccine propaganda push to continue. 
  • On October 7, Hamas savages attacked Israeli civilians, killing over 1,000 men, women and children. In response, Israel has launched an attack on Hamas in Gaza, and there has been some collateral damage to Palestinian citizens, primarily because Gaza terrorists use schools, hospitals, and other civilian targets to shield their military operations. 

Since that time, embedded anti-American “students” have taken to the streets in US cities and universities, protesting Israel’s right to defend itself. There has been pressure brought to bear on the Biden administration to walk back US support for Israel, and the US has pressured Israel to back off, which thus far Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to do. Hohmann believes, as do we that the US will eventually pull support for Israel due to pressure from Biden’s base. 

An incident that didn’t help Israel’s case was the targeting of a Christian church in Gaza by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), where a woman and her daughter were killed. That is clearly unacceptable and doesn’t help Israel in its argument against the radicals. There have also been over 100 attacks on US military installations in the Middle East, which the feckless Biden has not addressed in any meaningful way. It is expected Hezbollah and other Iran-backed terrorists will ramp up attacks on Israel and the United States next year. 

Whatever happens next year promises to present enormous challenges for the United States. The greatest empires in the world have all failed at one time or another, be it the Roman Empire or the British Empire. The United States has survived as a nation for 247 years. Will it survive 248? Only God knows the answer to that question.

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As I've said thousands of times, The Democrat Communist Criminal Terrorist Organization of America, must be completely destroyed and the leaders incarcerated at GITMO or the Super Max in Colorado.


We need to bring all of our troop's home from the Middle East. Bring them home from Europe as well. They hate us and drain us. Constitutionalists need to organize at the congressional level and shut down the money flow, impeach traitors, and cut most of the federal agencies completely. Stop all trade with Communist China and any other nation that trades with them. Arm Taiwan with American-manned nuclear missiles that can reach their commie leaders. Arrest most of the top military brass for treason. Kick out all females from combat roles and the Academies. Kick out all perverts. That's a start.

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