Terror threat: Why are all those military-aged Chinese men illegally entering into the US in record numbers?

The following includes partial content that is editorial in nature and reflects the opinion of the writer, a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

The 1984 movie Red Dawn depicts the United States being invaded by the Soviet Union and Latin American countries. The bad guys enter the country by crossing the US-Mexico border and “going up the gut” of America…the central plains. In that scenario, the aggressors met resistance at the border, which was quickly overcome.

Fast forward to 2023 in the United States, where an invasion has been ongoing for the past 2-1/2 years. If we listen to Democrats and their media mouthpieces, however, "families" are crossing into the United States, many of them “seeking refuge” from their despotic home countries. The facts, however, seem to throw that narrative into dispute.

According to PJ Media so-called “experts” estimate the number of illegal aliens crossing into the United States since January 20, 2021, when Biden was installed at around seven million.

However, video of the southern border seems to overwhelmingly show younger, military-aged men entering the country. Recently, many have come from the communist-sympathizing country of Venezuela.

More ominous, however, is the number of military-aged Chinese men and women entering the United States, not only at the southern border but also at our border with Canada.

According to a Fox News report from earlier this year, Anthony Rubin of Muckraker.com said groups of men lined up in Panama headed to the U.S. southern border. US Customs and Border Protection estimated the number in FY 2023 as 4,300 encounters, up from 2,000 in FY 2022.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese “migrants” came up through the so-called “Darien Gap.”

Rubin told Fox & Friends First that Chinese nationals fly into South America because they cannot fly directly into the United States for one reason or another.

“This would be for people who can’t fly into the U.S. directly,” Rubin told Fox. “So what they do is they get on a flight and then fly into some South American country. Then, from there, they would go to Colombia, cross the jungle, pop out in Panama, and then head up to the United States. But this is going to be for people who can’t fly into the U.S. directly. You’d rather just fly into the U.S. and overstay your visa. This is for people that don’t have access for whatever reason.”

Rubin claims Muckraker has obtained a Chinese document that gives detailed information on using the Darien Gap to enter the United States. The document references a Subway restaurant in Mexico where people can purchase fake permits, how much to pay smugglers, and how to evade detection at the border, including uninstalling the Chinese spy app “WeChat.”

Rubin further told the hosts that some Chinese citizens he was recording “do not want their faces on camera,” leading to the question, “Why?” He explained:

“Either they are foreign actors that are coming over here for nefarious reasons, or, number two, these are people that are afraid of some sort of retribution by the Communist Chinese Party,” Rubin said.

“If it’s number two, then what does that mean? That means that these people are going to be beholden to the Communist Chinese Party once they’re here. ‘Oh, you’re in the United States? Okay, well, we’re going to threaten your friends and family back home in China unless you do X, Y, and Z.’ Either way, it’s very dangerous. You can’t allow this just to continue and have all these people cross the border. I mean, it just will not work.”

More ominous, retired Army colonel and staff member to former Rep. Devon Nunes (D-CA), Derek Harvey, told the Epoch Times recently that many Chinese men crossing the border sport the same haircuts, tattoos, backpacks, and “pocket litter,” defined as the same wallet and the same type of ID cards.

Moreover, all are part of a special ops wing of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), a fact that US intelligence officials are well aware of. He confirmed Rubin’s contention that most were coming to the US via the Darien Gap.

“We have Chinese nationals of military age coming into Latin America, coming across the southern border. They wear the same clothes, they have the same haircuts, they have the same pocket litter. They have the same, ah, knapsacks. It’s like it’s a uniform. And they get processed, and they move on,” Harvey said.
More ominous, Harvey continued:

“They have the same wallet; they have the same types of identification. It’s all the same. And we have good information that they are products of a…they have the same rituals, the same tattoos, and the operating theory by our border patrol and intelligence elements is they come from one special operation unit.”

Host Lee Smith asked Harvey for clarification, whereby he suggested that Customs and Border Protection and U.S. intelligence officials believe the men are Chinese special ops from the PLA.

As expected, the “fact-checking” site Politifact disputes the contention that the Chinese are sending special ops agents into the U.S. They claim the surge in Chinese entering the U.S. is a post-COVID hangover.

That doesn’t explain the 800% increase in encounters with illegal Chinese aliens entering the U.S. between October 2022 and July 2023. CBP sent a memo in March, obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, in which they warned of a surge in Chinese migrants entering the U.S.

In the same interview, Harvey claimed that Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and China are working in concert against the United States while claiming Iran and Hezbollah already have sleeper cells embedded in the United States. If this sounds like the U.S. government is asleep at the wheel again, such as on September 10, 2001, it seems that way.

Dr. Kenneth Allard, retired Army colonel, former intelligence officer, and former dean of students at National War College, told Breitbart he believes the Chinese are exploiting Biden's weakness in enforcing the southern border. 

Moreover, the Daily Caller spoke to China expert Gordon Chang, who believes the same:

"When I first saw that [sic] surge in Chinese migrants, that's the first thought that came to my mind that these are either Ministry of State security agents or Chinese military, who are coming to the country to commit acts of sabotage against the U.S.," Chang said. 

Unlike last time, this time, it appears it is not by accident. For some nefarious reason, there seems to be an attempt by those in power in Washington, D.C., to undermine our national security and set us up for some type of attack.

What other reason could there be for completely ignoring our country’s sovereignty and allowing unfettered access to anyone, including those wishing the country harm?

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