Ultra-woke? This may explain why Nashville's woke police chief refused to release trans shooter's manifesto

Ever since an unhinged “trans” female opened fire at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, last April, killing six…including three children…people have wondered why the so-called “manifesto” of the shooter was being hidden from public view. The shooter, Audrey Hale, left behind the manifesto, yet for unknown reasons, the Nashville Police Department refused to share it with the public.

Last week, Steven Crowder of internet fame released screenshots of Hale’s manifesto, which he received from an inside whistleblower who has not been identified. In the screenshots posted by Crowder, Hale engages in an unhinged rant toward whites despite being white herself. She referred to them as “privileged crackers,” according to Revolver News, which published screenshots from Crowder. 

Hale’s rhetoric shouldn’t prove surprising to anyone. Such anti-white hysteria is readily available when examining school curricula throughout the United States. Anti-white rhetoric is viewable through mainstream media via television programming and movies. It is also the only kind of racist hate allowed on social media. 

 In Tennessee, that state’s legislature sought to tamp down anti-whiteness by banning Critical Race Theory, which is a whitewashed way of claiming that white people are privileged merely by virtue of the lack of melanin in their skin. In contrast, black and brown people are oppressed due to the presence of the same. Yet despite the legislature's efforts in the Volunteer State, it appears, Revolver wrote, that much more needs to be done. 

According to information carefully released about the manifesto over the past six months, law enforcement officials claimed Hale’s manifesto didn’t consider any particular political or social agenda. Yet the information released by Crowder shows that is a lie. 

After Crowder posted excerpts of the manifesto, reports say that several Nashville police officers have been suspended. Moreover, Nashville Police Chief John Drake expressed extreme frustration over the leak, Revolver wrote. Indeed, only certain aspects of the manifesto were released, and there may be more to the story than just anti-white hate expressed by the self-loathing Hale. Yet what is clear is that the Nashville Police Department’s leadership wanted to suppress the racial hatred expressed by Hale. 

It has also been reported that both Facebook (Meta) and YouTube have blocked Crowder's video releasing the manifesto. 

When Hale started her rampage at the Christian school, the heroism shown by responding officers in neutralizing her no doubt saved countless lives. That didn’t seem to matter to Drake, who has been on a mission over the past few years to make the police department more “diverse.” Suppressing Hale’s anti-white manifesto, Revolver reasoned, would “fit right into the mission at a local level.” 

Was there pressure from the Biden administration and Attorney General Merrick Garland to suppress Hale’s anti-white manifesto? Possibly, and perhaps, that information will come forth in the future. However, for now, one must examine why Drake and the FBI have tried to hide Hale’s anti-white screed. 

Drake, of course, has his own crosses to bear. His 38-year-old son, John Drake Jr., recently shot two Nashville police officers during a crime spree. Drake was a career criminal who committed suicide after a car pursuit in October.

“Despite my efforts and guidance in the early and teenage years, my son, John Drake Jr., now 38 years old, resorted to years of criminal activity and is a convicted felon,” Chief Drake said during the manhunt for his son. 

In October, the Associated Press reported on the younger Drake’s lengthy criminal history, which included incidents of assault, including one where he attacked his then-girlfriend while their child was in the car with them. In that incident, the victim said Drake Jr. choked her until she lost consciousness. 

Despite failing to control his own son, Chief Drake saw himself as a mentor to at-risk youth. 

“I wanted to get away from the warrior mentality to the guardian,” he told the AP. “We are here to help you. We want to have movie night with you. We want to have ice cream day. We want to tutor you and get to know your family.” 

Drake became Nashville’s police chief in 2020 during the heyday of the George Floyd riots. The former police chief was forced to retire after being pressured about the department’s alleged lack of diversity and supposed harshness toward black suspects. One of the driving forces behind Chief Steven Anderson’s resignation was when the Nashville PD had the audacity to seek arrest warrants for those responsible for organizing the George Floyd riots sponsored by BLM. 

One of the city councilors who demanded Anderson’s resignation was Justin Jones, whom some might remember as being one of the Tennessee lawmakers who aided anti-gun protesters into the state capitol to protest a legislative session. 

The arrest warrant applications were later withdrawn, bowing to community backlash, even though there was sufficient evidence to show BLM activists had engaged in illegal activity. Anderson didn’t resign but instead retired, and the city began a search for someone more likely to cave to activist demands for a more “diverse” police department. 

The city didn’t have to look far and hired Drake as Nashville’s chief in November 2020. And Drake hasn’t disappointed, posting a video last month announcing, “I am John Drake, Metro Nashville Police Chief, and I am MNPS Black excellence!” 

Before his full-time appointment, Drake was appointed interim police chief for Nashville and was more than willing to speak at BLM protests to let them know he was one of them. He told BLM activists he would crack down on so-called “over-policing” and boost the department’s diversity, noting it was “severely lacking” within the agency. \

As part of his diversity efforts, he started a recruitment unit tasked explicitly with recruiting more women and minorities. He also hired a chief diversity officer to work with the police oversight board and community activist groups. 

“This is the direction I want to go,” Drake announced. “This is my strategic plan.” 

Drake was also not shy about showing his support for Black Lives Matter, even though they openly advocated for the killing of police officers throughout the country. 

He told the Nashville Scene in 2021, in part: 

“So I view the movements, not the riots, as what was needed. But I view the movement as something that was needed to get the attention of law enforcement around the country and to seek the necessary reforms.” 


“We’ve updated ours [policies and procedures] to be even better than what we were. From a law enforcement executive [perspective], I view it as something that was needed. Something that was long overdue. But I think in the future, it is going to help us go a long way.” 

Drake was also not shy about pushing his woke agenda:

“I try to promote, every opportunity I can, any minority or woman within the police department.” 

Qualifications be damned. 

Shortly after being named police chief, Drake began a purge of white upper-level supervisors in the department. According to WPLN

“When former Chief Steve Anderson left the department over the summer, three of the five deputy chiefs at the Metro Nashville Police Department were white men. Chief John Drake, who was officially appointed by the mayor last month, announced this week that he would promote three new deputy chiefs–two black men and a white woman.” 

In addition, Drake appointed a black man to serve as his chief of staff, a new position designed to help with investigations and community engagement. Currently, five of the six deputy chiefs are black or women. 

Drake has also lowered standards and policies to reach specific diversity Goals.

According to Axios:

“New policies reverse rules against religious headwear that might have driven some groups away from the department. Officers are also doing more recruiting outreach in underrepresented communities. 

Push-ups and situps were eliminated from fitness tests and replaced with tasks that correspond with what officers do on the job, such as jumping fences and pulling heavy weights. 

After the changes, physical test failures fell from 11% to 5%. HR Cmdr. Daniel Newbern told Axios the change resulted in more women and minorities moving through the pipeline.” 

According to statistics, the Nashville PD was about 82 percent white when Drake took over. However, current trainee classes average about 62 percent white. 

Yet, while Drake focuses on woke policies in recruitment and promotions in his department, violent crime has risen in the city, increasing nearly five percent since 2021. 

Given those statistics, it isn’t surprising that Drake is trying to hide Hale’s manifesto. It would likely show that while he remains obsessed with diversity in his department, there are some terrible people in the world who are intent on causing mayhem. And Hale’s anti-white screed shows that obsessing on race…no matter where it occurs… is not a good thing. 

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