Trans student writes out 'hit list' of 45 students, school blows it off and takes side of the offender

WATERTOWN, MA - In an unbelievable story out of a Boston suburb, a whistleblower has come forward and reports that a “troubled” trans student was allowed to return to school despite writing out a “hit list” that named 45 students, the Daily Mail reports. 

The parent of a child who attends Watertown Middle School told the Daily Mail that students at the school are in fear for their life after the gender-confused student wrote out the hit list. Students are in fear for their lives, the parent, who chose to remain anonymous, said. 

The whistleblower also said that school officials have imposed a gag order of sorts on parents and are silencing any criticism of the trans student, who attends seventh grade. Parents fear that if they talk about their concerns and school safety in general, they will be accused of being transphobic. 

“The kid with a 40+ person hit list, who has faced minimal consequences and been favored at every turn, obviously has a lot of anger–and who knows what they will do,” the parent told the Daily Mail. “Students on the hit list have prepared to fight for their lives if they need to. They know the school is not protecting them.” 

Just over one year ago, a transgender person, Audrey Hale (whom the AP refused to identify by name in the article cited), entered the Covenant School, a Christian school, in Nashville, Tennessee, and killed six people, including three students. In that case, Hale’s “manifesto” has never been released by law enforcement authorities for reasons unknown. Some believe they are not releasing the manifesto to protect the shooter, who was killed by a Nashville Metro police officer. 

The Daily Mail reached out to Watertown Middle School for comment, and all they were told was there have been no incidents since the hit list was discovered in January. The spokesman, Matthew McCarthy, refused to comment on the whistleblower’s allegations. 

The Watertown incident came to light in January when a teacher overheard students talking about the hit list. A search of the student’s school-issued Chromebook found the document titled “hit list.” 

According to official emails, the school alerted the police and interviewed the student, who was found not to have access to weapons. The school determined there was “no credible threat” to the safety of students at the school, which houses 560 students in grades 6-8. 

Officials have not identified the student nor their gender “identity.” 

According to the whistleblower, the trans student is “physically big for a 7th grader–definitely bigger than a majority of students in the school,” while adding that this has raised fears of a “potential physical attack.” 

Watertown school superintendent Deanne Galdston facilitated a “reentry process” to return the clearly disturbed student to class. 

Instead of expressing concern for the students whose lives were threatened, officials have instead come down on the side of the student who wrote the hit list. They spoke of the need to address “anti-trans and other biased behavior” in the school and to have “empathy for the creator” of the hit list. They also want to create “an affinity space for LGBTQIA+ families.” 

Such progressive nonsense has inflamed some parents, including the whistleblower. 

“Parents are scared, worn down, and disgusted. So many have had their trust in Watertown’s schools shattered,” they told the Daily Mail. 

“It’s horrible to learn that your child has been put on a hit list by another student. But, to then have your concerns ignored, have administrators deceive the greater community, and have the needs of the perpetrator be so blatantly put over the needs of the victims takes things to a whole other level that is overwhelming.” 

The parents reiterated that they cannot speak out for fear of being labeled transphobic or politically incorrect, the whistleblower said. 

“There are people in school leadership who can’t or won’t differentiate between legitimate concern about the actions of a trans person and a general attack on all trans people,” the whistleblower said. 

The whistleblower said parents are, in general, “accepting and supportive of trans people” in the community. 

Instead, Watertown schools have “treated a troubled young person as some kind of cultural token or symbol to be favored beyond reason, and treated the young people who were placed on the hit list like they don’t matter,” the parent said. “It’s been so disturbing and demoralizing it is hard to put into words.” 

The whistleblower said parents' concerns are being brushed aside, and the school administration is taking “parents justifiable concerns for their children’s safety as obstacles to be managed and marginalized.” 

“Their detachment from reality and lack of genuine empathy has created a more dangerous situation for everyone in the middle school.” 

McCarthy blew off the whistleblower’s concerns and issued the following:

“We will address any concerns parents have on an individual basis and will offer no additional public comment in response to this one parent,” he said. 

Parents Defending Education uncovered the Watertown incident via a FOIA public records request seeking copies of school emails. 

Casey Ryan, a researcher for that organization, said schools tend to “prioritize political correctness over safety and transparency.” 

“The lives of both staff and students are at serious risk in these situations, and schools have a responsibility to provide a safe environment that keeps parents apprised of any threats,” said Ryan. 

“Watertown broke that trust with parents when district administrators chose the comfort of a student who needs real help rather than the lives of those impacted by this student’s actions.” 

Trans students have become a major threat in schools since many appear to suffer from some type of mental illness. Last week, a 13-year-old trans student used a metal Stanley mug to beat a fellow student, 12 years old, in the head until blood spurted out. That incident occurred at Pennbrook Middle School in Pennsylvania. That student had also compiled a "hit list." 

Trans activists claim schools have a duty to help trans students by affirming their identity choice and tackling bullying. Opponents of kowtowing to the trans social contagion believe schools need to stay away from political correctness and concentrate on teaching kids the basics of reading, writing, and math. 

In the case of the trans student in Watertown who developed a hit list, it appears there are a number of laws that were violated in compiling the list. 

For example, MGL 269, Section 14K(b)(2) under “Making a Terroristic Threat” appears to fit:

(b)Whoever willfully communicates, or causes to be communicated, either directly or indirectly, orally, in writing, by mail, by use of a telephone or telecommunication device including, but not limited to, electronic mail, internet communications, and facsimile communications, through an electronic communication device, or by any other means, a threat–

(c) whoever wilfully communicates or causes to be communicated such a threat causing either the evacuation or serious disruption of a school…or wilfully communicates or causes serious public inconvenience or alarm, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not less than 3 years nor more than 20 years of imprisonment in the house of correction for not less than 6 months nor more than 2-½ years…[emphasis added]

So does the following:

MGL 265, Section 25:

Whoever, verbally or by a written or printed communication maliciously threatens to accuse another of a crime or offense, or by a verbal or written or printed communication maliciously threatens an injury to the person or property of another…shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than fifteen years, or in the house of correction for not more than two and one-half years, or by a fine of not more than five thousand dollars, or both. [emphasis added]

Clearly, the Watertown Public Schools are blowing this off. It is unknown at this time if the Watertown Police Department has opened a criminal investigation. But clearly, the individual who compiled this hit list violated Massachusetts law. 

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Do you mean that they did not find any weapons on the person, do they mean guns? Anything can be used as a weapon a leadpipe, a knife, a rope, barbiturates, etc. This school district as well as Deanne Galdston should be held responsible if something horrific happens. There are too many lunatics roaming around.


How will the school scramble to cya if ( or when) this student carries out his threat? Prison time would be too good for these "educated"woke fools who call themselves teachers


So parents are afraid to talk about it for fear of being labeled transphobic or politically incorrect, well guess what, to all the transtesticles or anyone who sides with them out there, 🖕. All the LBTQWXYZ…FU nonsense has gotten wayyyy out of hand. Give them an inch, they take a mile. They want equality? BS. They don’t want equality, they want dominance. Now who’s the bullies??????? Just Facts.


Hmmm, weren’t parents recently convicted for being complicit in their child’s crimes for not saying or doing anything? How, pray tell, is this any different? Will school administrators be held criminally responsible when they know but choose not to do anything about a known dangerous behavior?


Why aren’t the local police involved? I didn’t read the whole article since it was apparent the police were not mentioned early on. As a retired school police officer, the local cops should have been involved immediately. I’ve investigated many of these same types of cases. While most of them were just kids spouting off, some had real problems that needed addressing professionally. You can’t handle these just on a school level.


In my state, not taking action as a member of LE to report child abuse is a way to lose one's POST and face criminal charges. So what about the school administrators not pre-empting this aggravated assault that they knew was about to happen, by involving LE and getting the criminal student out of there? Weak administrators hiding behind this PC garbage. The administrators are as criminally culpable for the assault if not more than the delusional and violent student committing the assault. They should be fired and prosecuted for facilitating this attack.


School is full of Democratic foolish administrators. This will get kids killed if the he/she isn't expelled. Parents should take their kids out immediately


Sounds like parents may need to take preemptive action against the school and against others that may represent a threat to their children if the school and law enforcement are failing to.

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