Off-duty cops step in as transgender man opens fire in a mega church with pro-Palestine remarks on his long gun

HOUSTON, TX - A man is dead, a five-year old child is in critical condition and a 57-year-old man is injured after a man walked into a church in Houston and opened fire.

Police responded to reports of a shooting at Lakewood Church just before 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. Witnesses say that the man walked into the church while holding a five-year-old boy, just before the 2:00 p.m. Spanish speaking service wearing a trench coat and carrying a long gun.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner stated that when the man opened fire, the off-duty officers “engaged” him and he was subsequently killed. He released no further information, but did praise the officers, saying, “He had a long gun, and it could have been a lot worse.”

It appears that the 57-year-old man was hit by the shooter, while the relationship between the man and the child that he walked in with is unknown, as well as where the bullet that hit the child came from. 

Outlets initially reported that a woman was responsible for the shooting, however, we now know that the person responsible is a transgender man. Originally identified as Genesse Moreno, the shooter was actually previously known as Jeffery Escalante. Instagram shows a photo of Moreno from 2020 with Bernie Sanders and a caption reading: "I WANT HIM IN THE OFFICE as the US PRESIDENT."

Additionally, the weapon used in the shooting reportedly had "free Palestine" on it. 

According to witnesses, they heard many gunshots just before the service began, leaving worshippers rushing for safety. Christina Rodriguez, who was inside the church, told reporters that she and others ran to the backside of a library, standing in a stairway until being told by authorities that it was safe to leave.

Others like Alan Guity, who was inside the church’s sanctuary while his mother was working as an usher, laid flat on the floor, and prayed as the gunfire rang out. Once they were able to get outside, Guity said that his mother used worship to try to calm people down. Singing in Spanish, “Move in me, move in me. Touch my mind and my heart. Move within me Holy Spirit.”

It is unclear where Pastor Joel Osteen was during the shooting, however, he did join police for a press conference. He said “We’re going to stay strong and we’re going to move forward, there are forces of evil, but the forces that are for us- the forces of God- are stronger than that. So, we’re going to keep going strong, and just, you know, doing what God’s called us to do: lift people up and give hope to the world.”

Watch the press conference HERE

Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement saying, “Our hearts are with those impacted by today’s tragic shooting and the entire Lakewood Church community in Houston. Places of worship are sacred.”

The investigation is ongoing.
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Thank you off Duty police! 'God helps those who help themselves"!


Further proof that transgenderism is a mental disorder! Stay strapped always brothers…Check Six


Thank Goodness the off-duty officers were present and quickly neutralized the threat! The headlines could easily have been much worse.


This was the second article on this shooting I've seen. The first article was about the police misusing pronouns when addressing it. This is simple now. It's pronouns are "dead" and "gone". This refusal of doctors and the government to insist these people are not mentally ill is going to cause these events to snowball.


FAFO, pretty much all there really is to say! When you act lime something you're not, you have mental issues, and in turn you do stupid stuff! So, the lesson is, don't do stupid chit, act your age and the act lime the gender you were born with, and lastly, stay away from bernie sanders!! Nuff Said SF

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