'USA! USA!': How cops can stand up to death-to-America crowd

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Written by Joe Diamond


Across the nation, we're seeing a disturbing trend: radical protesters spewing vile, anti-American rhetoric at public demonstrations. "Death to America," they chant, as if our country—the greatest nation on Earth—were some kind of villain. It's enough to make your blood boil.

But amid this chaos, there's a glimmer of hope. Our brave men and women in blue, the guardians of our streets and the protectors of our way of life, have a powerful tool at their disposal: the simple, forceful chant of "USA! USA!"

It’s no mere slogan. It's a battle cry, a symbol of American strength and resilience in the face of adversity. We all remember how it rang out from the rubble of Ground Zero after 9/11, as patriots stood tall and defiant against the forces of evil. In that moment, "USA!" became more than just a sports cheer—it was a declaration that America would not be broken, that our spirit would not be crushed.

Now, as anti-American sentiment rears its ugly head once again, it's time for our police to take up that mantle. When confronted with hateful, un-American rhetoric, they should respond with a calm, measured chant of "USA!" Let that be a message to the radicals and the America-haters: our values are stronger than your bile, our love of country more powerful than your hate.

Of course, the police must be careful not to overstep. They're there to keep the peace, not to silence free speech, no matter how offensive. But a restrained, respectful show of patriotism is hardly a violation of protesters' rights. If anything, it's a reminder of the freedoms and principles that make America great—freedoms that belong to all of us, regardless of politics.

Sadly, some police departments are wary of letting their officers express any kind of patriotic sentiment on the job. They're worried about looking biased or upsetting the wrong people. But what kind of message does that send? That we should be ashamed of loving our country? That pride in America is somehow unacceptable?

Nonsense. Our police should be proud to stand up for American values, and they should have the tools and the training to do so effectively. A chant of "USA!" won't solve all our problems, but it's a start—a way to push back against the America-haters and show that our spirit is unbreakable.

In these divided times, it's more important than ever to find ways to come together as Americans. Our police can lead the way, not by apologizing for our country, but by celebrating it. With a clear voice and a steady hand, they can help guide us toward a future of unity, patriotism, and unyielding American strength.

So let them chant "USA!" Let them show the world that America is still the land of the free and the home of the brave. And let us all join in, united in our love for this great country.
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Chanting "USA...USA" will accomplish...Absolutely nothing. (Sorry Joe).

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