Video shows illegal immigrants strangle and rob man on a train - now charged with attempted murder

CHICAGO, IL - Fox News has shared an exclusive video showing the moments a group of Venezuelan illegal immigrants allegedly strangle a man and then proceed to rob him on a Chicago train. 

The incident took place back on February 17th when the 49-year-old victim was riding the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Pink Line, a commuter train in Chicago, near Kostner Pink Line station around 5:30 p.m. FOX 32 reported that the four suspects accused of violently attacking the man made another court appearance on Tuesday, July 2nd. 

The CTA surveillance video obtained by Fox News shows the group of men corner the victim in the back of the Pink Line train car, where the man can then be seen being strangled by one of the illegal immigrants while the others picked his pocket and took his watch. The video matches police reports, which state that the victim lost consciousness, but later recovered.

The four suspects were arrested, with three of them being ordered to remain in custody. One of the suspects was let out on electronic monitoring. According to the video obtained by Fox News, the surviellance video shows two of the four suspects chatting and befriending the victim, who was standing and passing around a cellphone with them.

One of the suspects also appears to be smoking a cigarette or a joint and can be seen handing it to another person inside the train car. Another video then shows all four illegal immigrants and the victim congregating inside the train car before one of them lunges for the victim, grabs him from behind and strangles him. 

The suspect pulled the victim to the ground while still strangling him before another suspect moves in and blocks the video camera. About 20 seconds later, when the camera is cleared of the obstruction, the same suspect who was strangling the victim can then be seen rummaging through his pockets. 

Seconds later, the train comes to a stop and the suspects fled the scene. Chicago police have identified the four suspects as: 22-year-old Fernando Loyo-Rodriguez; 21-year-old Wilker Gutierrez Sierra; 20-year-old Carlos Carreno-Carreno; and 18-year-old Yonnier Guasamucare Garcia.

The four men were arrested about 45 minutes after the violent incident, just a few blocks away from the station. At the time of their arrest, all four men listed home addresses that matched state-funded illegal immigrant shelters. Responding officers charged each of them with robbery and aggravated battery/strangulation. Police said that the suspects put a knife to the victim's throat and stole $400 and a cell phone from the man.

They have since been charged with attempted murder. The four were each represented by a separate public defender and did not look or acknowledge each other while in court. They only spoke to the judge via an interpreter. The next hearing has been scheduled for August 28th. 
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This is happening in many states.Thanks to the democrats it will continue.Take all illegals out. And try to bring America back.


I agree. All illegals must be deported.


This happened in Chicago The 4 racing in Los Angeles2 days later

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