Vermont shootings have increased 185% following influx of Somali refugees, police defunded by 30%

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BURLINGTON, VT— New reports from Vermont have indicated that shootings have increased 185% from 2021 to 2022. The capital of Vermont, formerly led by then-Mayor, now-Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), presently holds a higher murder rate than Philadelphia.

As reported by Front Page Magazine, while the mainstream media has focused with laser-intensity on the more rhetorically friendly story of James Eaton, a mentally unstable avowed leftist and apparent Biden supporter who shot and injured three Arabic Muslim men, the underlying story that murder rates have been climbing in the city since 2022 when Abdiaziz Abdhikadir, 19, shot and killed Hussein Mubarak, 21 according to the outlet.

The connection to recently resettled Somalians was made initially by local outlet WCAX, euphemistically referring to the group as "new Americans," when it reported in 2022 “by mid-summer, about half of the city’s gunfire incidents were connected to a small group of new American young men.” 

Burlington Police Acting Chief Jon Murad warned at the time that the numbers were continuing to climb saying, "We have arrested several people who are most prone to actual violence in that group, and their removal from ‘the board’ -- as it were-- has decreased gun violence in that group."

As Front Page explains, one repeat offender, Bonide Badibanga was arrested in 2020 on charges of aggravated assault in a fight that revolved around drugs. After two years, the man was accused of attempting to shoot his brother and had 47 additional police contacts, 11 of them ending in his arrest citing NBC5. Badibanga's family reportedly refused to testify against him and as a result, he was granted a plea deal for time served. His story is reportedly not unique. 

The city's Democrat Mayor Miro Weinberger has continued to claim that the role of the African-Muslim refugee resettlement in the drastic uptick in Burlington's crime rate isn't "particularly relevant." Weinberger's statement seems to refute the connection to the influx of Muslim-African refugees and the crime increase and the fact that the crime rate in Burlington spiked following a vote to cut Police funding by 30% during the BLM riots of 2020. 

Burlington City Councilor Ali Dieng, an African Muslim immigrant who recently challenged him for mayor claimed at the time, "We all know in the 21st century, black people in this country continue to live in fear of losing their lives at the hands of law enforcement, or members of the white supremacy groups."

On January 11, Vermont State Police Major Dan Trudeau told reporters that the drastic spike in murders, the highest in three decades, is a cause for concern. “In comparison to the numbers that we’re seeing of the homicides and increased violence, is it concerning? Yes. And it’s probably concerning to everybody,” he said. He confirmed that drugs are the common denominator in about half of the cases. 

"It ties into what we see in terms of overdose data and addiction rates. You know, a number of things come with that -- your burglaries, your robberies -- I think we’re seeing this uptick in homicides as a relation to that," he told WCAX

Trudeau added that typically homicides are targeted and the victim and offender know one another. Robin Joy with the Vermont Crime Research Group said, "A lot of them don’t start out to be a homicide, they start off as a fight or an altercation or a robbery or something else that ends up escalating to a homicide."
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These so called. We Americans sound a whole lot like terrorists. These people are a bunch of savages. All you leftist democrats, is this really something you want for your children’s children? The Elites of the world must be taken out.


The stupid Vermont voters are responsible, for electing jerks like Sanders in the first place.


When VT was all-White it was the safest state in the country. Importing African savages will increase the crime rate, and give the Socialists an excuse to start their gun-banning nonsense.

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