How did a retired police officer manage to accidentally kill someone in training? Here's the video.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - According to a report on FOX5 Washington, a new surveillance video of the deadly shooting of Maurica Manyan has been revealed.

Manyan, 25, of Indian Head, Maryland was shot dead by a retired Washington D.C. police lieutenant during a training session at Anacostia Neighborhood Library in D.C. on August 24, 2022.

Manyan was part of a group of special police officer candidates who were conducting baton training at the library when the fatal shooting, which is officially being called an accident, occurred.

The baton training was being conducted by a 59-year-old man named Jesse Porter who retired from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan police force a few years earlier. Porter was contracted under his LLC, Porter Consulting and Expert Tactical Training.

The video shows the group of trainees posing for a selfie together after the training concluded in a library reading room. Manyan, who was a new homeowner and mother, can be seen taking her mask down to pose for the picture when Porter raises the weapon and fires a single round into her chest

Trainees can be seen rushing to Manyans’ aid while Porter sits on in disbelief. At one point the private contractor can be seen looking at the sky with his hands on his head.

Porter’s attorneys have claimed that the shooting was a tragic accident, and the retired lieutenant thought the gun was a training gun that was not capable of firing live ammunition.

Brian McDaniel, Porter’s attorney, issued the following statement, "He did not have any criminal intent, that it was not his intent to cause harm to her on that day. He’s acknowledged that what it is that he did was negligent, but it wasn’t criminal, but he has accepted responsibility."

The Manyan’s family attorney has countered with the fact that Porter should not have been allowed in a public library with a firearm of any sort, never mind a firearm loaded with ammunition. "It’s time to make a change and to enforce policies that put safety at the forefront," said Latoya Francis-Williams, who represents the Manyan family.

It was Francis-William who made the decision to release the disturbing video of Porter shooting Manyan. In the spring of 2023, Porter was indicted on counts of second-degree murder while armed, possession of a firearm during a violent crime, and unlawful discharge of a firearm.

All three charges are felonies in the District of Columbia, and Porter faces up to 24 years in prison if convicted. Manyan’s family attorneys have also concluded that Porter’s LLC did not have liability insurance to cover the company as the result of an accident.

"The family is still disgusted from the lack of accountability from the district. The fact that the district would allow Porter’s company to engage with its own employees without even taking the time to verify insurance coverage is extremely disheartening and should strike fear in the hearts of the citizens and employees of the district," said attorney Chelsea Lewis.

Porter is due back in court later this fall.
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