Insurrection? Violent Anti-Israel protest erupts outside the White House

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WASINGTON, D.C.- A man wearing a Hamas headband held up a bloody face mask depicting President Biden on Saturday during an anti-Israel protest outside the White House.

This incident was part of a larger, intense demonstration where protesters expressed their opposition to U.S. support for Israel amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas militants.

The protest began peacefully but quickly escalated. Demonstrators shouted "Down, down occupation!" and "Free Palestine!" while waving Palestinian flags and holding signs accusing Biden of supporting Israel's actions in the conflict.

Among the signs, one read, "May the cries of all the kids you bomb haunt you," reflecting the intense emotions and strong opposition toward U.S. foreign policy.

Tensions heightened as some protesters engaged in violent and disruptive behavior.

One man lit an American flag on fire.

In Lafayette Park, while some protesters were defacing the statue of General Comte de Rochambeau, others threw objects at a responding National Park Service ranger, shouting derogatory remarks like "piggy, piggy!"

Other statues in Washington, D.C. were also defaced during the demonstration.

Despite these violent actions, some demonstrators formed a human chain around the White House, calling it "the people's red line" in reference to Biden's comments on Israel's actions.

In anticipation of the protest, several additional barriers and anti-scale fencing were installed around the White House.
Security was significantly increased to manage the potential for unrest.

The protest was organized by the group Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), with other activist groups like CODEPINK and the Council on American Islamic Relations also participating.

These groups marked eight months of the Middle East conflict through their demonstrations in the nation's capital.

President Biden was not in Washington, D.C., during the protest.

He was in France for D-Day anniversary ceremonies and a state visit with French President Emmanuel Macron.

By Saturday evening, the protesters had dispersed, leaving behind a scene of vandalism and heightened security measures.
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Anti-Israel = pro terrorist = democrats = china money to the biden crime family

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