Violent robbery committed by man who was released twice without posting bail

PARKLAND, WA - According to FOX13 Seattle, a man with an open warrant for burglary committed another brazen, violent burglary at an ACE hardware at 112th Street South near the exit for SR-512 in Parkland last Sunday.

The 25-year-old man, Tafo Alo, allegedly beat employees of the ACE hardware with makeshift weapons, destroyed the vehicles of other patrons, and then took fled from police when they arrived on scene.

According to reports, the melee broke out when Alo was caught stealing. Alo was asked to exit the store, at which point he became violent. Alo allegedly threatened a store employee with a hatchet and threw a metal object taken from the shelf at the stomach of another employee.

Once outside, Alo allegedly damaged four vehicles belonging to customers that caused hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

This incident was not Alo’s first brush with the law. At the time of the alleged robbery, he had an open arrest warrant for a separate 2022 robbery.

Alo also has further history with breaking and entering businesses. In March 2022, he broke into the American Lodge Hotel, and caused damages to the door, air conditioner and walls of a hotel room. Court documents also state Alo used the shower in the same room.

In an arraignment for the March 2022 incident, Alo was released on his own recognizance, with a guaranteed hearing. The no-bail hearing allowed for Alo to be freed with no bail paid and a promise to show up to his next court date.

When the court date arrived, Alo didn’t appear, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was arrested shortly after, and the judge again released him without bail.

He appeared in court on Monday on the latest charges, where prosecutors asked the judge for $70,000 total on bail- $50,000 on the current charges and $20,000 on the March 2022 breaking and entering. The judge countered with a $25,000 bail- $20,000 on the current charges of resisting arrest and 1st-degree burglary and $5,000 on the March charges.

Washington state has seen a significant increase in crime since the summer of 2020, when riots broke out following the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Homicides are up 96% in the state since 2019, violent crimes are up nearly 10% in the same time frame, and crimes against property (such as burglary) are up 73.7% 

Officials have no word on whether Alo was able to bail out on his current charges.
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The numbskull judge who came up with that great idea to let him out with no bail should be forced to pay for all the damage that POS caused in both instances & the medical bills the Ace employees might have incurred as a result. That might send a message to all these lame brain, soft hearted judges & magistrates to think really hard at what kind of criminal stands before them. He’s not mental he just plays the part.

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