Viral TikTok video shows woman upset that employer wouldn't accept 'time blindness' as tardiness excuse

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You cannot make this stuff up. Millennials and Gen Z are well known for being the home of most “snowflakes.” They are the generation of safe spaces, emotional support animals, and looking for excuses for their shortcomings. However, a recent TikTok post and the following excuses have taken the cake.

In a viral post on the social media network, a young woman posted a video in which she blamed her constant tardiness at her place of work on “time blindness.”

Needless to say, the video went viral, with most of those commenting criticizing her for what appears to be a bogus excuse that she cannot accept responsibility and work the hours she is expected to.

The female, who goes by the handle Chaotic Philosopher on TikTok, posted a video in July where she grumbled that she was yelled at during a job application interview for asking a “reasonable” question about time blindness.

“I just wanted to know if there are accommodations for people who struggle with time blindness and being on time,” she said in the video, which has amassed 5.7 million views.

She complained the interviewer yelled at her, advising that “accommodations for time blindness don’t exist and if you struggle with being on time, you’ll never be able to get a job.”

The interviewer then added what most adults likely thought: “Your stupid generation wants to destroy the workplace.”

As expected, the excuses came forth.

Our young TikTok star claimed she has ADHD and had applied to trade school. She asked the admissions office if they made adjustments for people with “ADHD time blindness,” causing her mother to yell at her, she said.

You may want to sit down if you are a baby boomer or Gen-Xer who prides yourself on perfect, on-time attendance. Because according to the Cleveland Clinic, time blindness is apparently a thing. According to that institution, time blindness is a symptom where one experiences a “skewed perception of time.” The clinic says those with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder are susceptible to the anomaly.

While our TikTok star uses time blindness as an apparent excuse to show up for work whenever the mood strikes her, the actual condition is somewhat different, at least as explained by the Cleveland Clinic.

They wrote, “The passing of time goes faster when engaging in something you enjoy. And it can seem to come to a standstill when you’re scrubbing the floors or stuck in traffic. There’s a scientific reason for that,’ explains pediatric behavioral health specialist Michael Manos, Ph.D.

“When you’re doing something you’re very interested in, your brain engages differently than when you’re doing something that isn’t as stimulating,” he explained.

Manos, however, dismisses the idea that time blindness is a form of mental illness. He says time blindness “isn’t a diagnosis or specific symptom; it’s more just a general way of talking about the phenomenon of losing track of time,” he told the Cleveland Clinic. In other words, it’s more of an excuse.

In fact, Dr. Manos says, “Everybody has time blindness at times. We all can get caught up in something and get ‘in the zone.’”

Another psychotherapist, Stephanie Starkis, told USA Today that time blindness “is a real thing that has been studied.”

Fortunately, there are solutions to time blindness so you’re not late for appointments or, in the case of our brave TikToker, late for work. One is a relatively new invention called an alarm clock.

As expected, commenters on the video told the “time blindness girl” what they thought of her excuse.
“No, this would mess up the break rotations affect positions where lives depend on the worker. If this is normalized, it will become normal to be late.”

In a post shared on X (formerly Twitter), a user wrote, “Being late is now a disability called ‘Time Blindness.’ I’ve heard it all at this point…”

Yet another wrote on TikTok, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen America be as united as they have been against this ‘time blindness girl.’”

Some businesses, however, are buying the “disability” excuse. Business Insider wrote Christina Morrison, an HR services company Insperity manager, told Fox Business that “once employers are aware of a disability, they are then obligated to accommodate those disabilities.”

She said such accommodations may include “flexible scheduling, job coaching, mentorship, and time management tools.”

In other words, the next time you are late for work, tell your boss you “identify” as having “time blindness.”
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