Virginia Project: Democrats made a mess of the state - and we're stepping in to clean it up

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Virginia Democrats have been increasingly taken with anti-law-and-order policies since Terry McAuliffe made his first bid for Governor back in 2013.

In 2020, these trends exploded into the open in an avalanche of lawlessness, with emergency measures stemming from COVID health concerns and Black Lives Matter-driven civil disorder.

One such emergency measure concerned the Virginia Parole Board.

With the world distracted by shutdown orders and masks, state Democrats altered normal procedure in order to allow many dangerous, violent convicts to leave prison - including the perpetrator of an execution-style murder against a young Richmond police officer.

Predictable outcomes, such as a released rapist who went on to murder his accuser, ensued.

The release of the officer's murderer, particularly noteworthy not only because of the severity of the crime, but also because of the ruthless manner in which the rights of the victim's family were deleted from the parole process, was then noted in an article by Law Enforcement Today.

A citizen of Richmond, who remembered the original crime, passed this article along with his own additional testimony to us here at the Virginia Project.

From the point of view of our Republican-aligned, state political action committee, this patent injustice was nothing if not actionable. We brought this news to Republican state elected officials, and they took notice - first in the House of Delegates, then in the state Senate.

Although Republicans were in the minority, the evidence and the tenacity with which Senator Mark Obenshain pursued the issue was enough to compel Democrats to consent to an investigation. The Inspector General found... something.

The report was released 95% redacted along with a story of a silenced whistleblower. This scandal played a role in the election of a Governor who immediately moved to dismiss the entire board, and a law-and-order Republican Attorney General, whose own investigation determined crimes were committed by the Parole Board chairman.

In sum, Virginia Democrats created a chaotic mess with their irresponsible anti-law-and-order policies - and we at the Virginia Project, leveraging our political network in the state GOP, stepped in and cleaned it up.
When we talk political action, we mean things like moving from "Parole Board releases killer" to "Governor fires entire state Parole Board."

This is the kind of common sense change of attitude that we've worked hard to cultivate in Virginia, and it looks like this approach is a widely welcome change from anti-cop hysteria among the general electorate as well.

It is thanks to Law Enforcement Today for exposing the crime, and to its readership who picked it up and got it into the right hands, that this grievance achieved full redress.

Right now, in Virginia, we have a chance to finish cleaning the entire mess that an all-Democrat government left behind. By capturing both houses of the legislature in this year's election - a feasible goal - we can force through a correction of the legislative vandalism enacted by the opposition's pre-2021 trifecta, and lock in a generational stop to the risk that Democrats will continue to pursue their risky and dangerous course as promised.

We are months away from being able to fully restore law and order in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are looking for a time and a place to get involved and make a difference - this is it.

If you are possessed of the instinct to protect and defend, keep in mind how many lives are on the line when a "progressive" prosecutor lets violent criminals back on the street repeatedly.

As our Election Tracker data shows, Republicans in Virginia are well-poised to claim majorities in both chambers of the state legislature. Republican legislators are already well-prepared with reams of corrective legislation that has been stonewalled over the past two sessions by state senate Democrats.

On November 7th, we will know if our project to take the then-Democrat trifecta in state government and turn it into a Republican one has fully succeeded. We believe it will; the signs all point in that direction.

Glenn Youngkin is extraordinarily popular in the Commonwealth, while Joe Biden is less so. Virginians in battleground districts are fed up with Democrat-run school boards and the damage done by them.

Everyone is deeply concerned with the fast-rising cost of living, the escalation in violent crime, and the performance of public school systems, and all these issues work in our favor.

Moreover, as you can see on the Election Tracker, the individual seats necessary to build majorities for Virginia Democrats provide very narrow paths to that end, through races where Republicans have strong, popular, and experienced candidates.

Democrats are trying to generate a pro-abortion wave of sentiment, but given the above factors, I suspect they will not gain much traction with it. The situation looks good and a lot is on the line.

If Republicans win, we can continue to roll back Democrat abuses and restore liberty and law to the people.

It is to this end that I ask for your support of the Virginia Project and Republican candidates throughout the state. Come and look at our work and our unprecedented accomplishments in Virginia.

Our template for revitalizing underperforming Republican committees as a means to real-world reform may work for your state, too - it was designed from the start to do so.

Republicans throughout Virginia have hailed our work as a key difference-maker in real-world outcomes.

We are particularly proud to have earned the good word of Jim Fotis, President of the Committee for Police Officers Defense, who says of the Virgina Project, "As President of the Committee for Police Defense, Inc. (527 political organization), I am honored to endorse the Virginia Project to anyone seeking to strengthen the Republican Party, uphold conservative values, and champion the principles of democracy."

We are ready to execute and bring victory home, to do our part in restoring sanity, liberty and justice to America. The stakes are extremely high and we can use all the help we can get.

If you're wondering where you, a regular citizen, can materially contribute to correcting injustice - such as the behavior of Virginia's previous Parole Board - and putting this country back on the path of freedom and prosperity, Virginia's 2023 election is one you should not pass up.
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