WATCH: Officer EXPLODES through fence in foot pursuit to nab suspect — offers to repair it personally

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MOORE, OK— A family in Moore, OK was stymied when they returned home to find a section of their fence obliterated, only to learn later that Moore Police officers in hot pursuit of a 20-year-old suspect followed him around over and through the already damaged fence into their backyard. Until they were alerted by local media, the family had no idea what had happened to the fence.

According to KOCO-TV, the family's fence had been damaged for weeks but it wasn't until Friday that they were shown a police video of the pursuit and Sgt. Justin Sternberg tilting into frame with his shoulder down reducing a segment of wooden fencing to splinters.
  The Moore PD footage clearly shows the young suspect identified as Dontavious Smith by the department, pulled into a nearby church's parking area deftly hop the fence followed by the officers who began to pull boards from it and climb through the narrow opening, until Sternberg caught up.

"It was run through it or try to climb it, and I think trying to climb it would have taken more time. So, in my head, 'Just run through it,'" Sternberg told the outlet. "I had to jump another fence to another fence to take him into custody. As I did jump the fence, I ended up getting Tased. So, we were both getting Tased at the same time."

Officers were able to capture the fleeing suspect and a search of the stolen car he was driving yielded a firearm and a bag of marijuana.

Homeowner Leyanis Tenorio explained, "I was a little surprised. I'm like, 'Oh wow.' We hear the police officers here, but you would never think it would come into our backyard." The Tenorios were in the dark for two weeks before learning what happened. "I saw it first, and it was completely open. And I asked my husband, 'What happened?' But he didn't know either."

 When the local outlet asked the Moore Police Department what the notification policy is on the destruction of property, Clint Byley, with the Moore Police Department said the responsibility rests with the officers. "We did make an attempt to talk with the homeowners,"  Byley said.

"As of last check, I don't know if we've made physical contact with them yet, but they're more than welcome to come to the police department to talk about what happened. And then, we can get them into contact with the city if they don't have the ability to do that themselves."
Speaking with reporters Sternberg offered to personally help the family repair the fence should the need arise. "I'm sorry. If I need to come out and fix it, I will. I can help," he said.

As of this report video of the incident has gone viral with online commentators comparing Sternberg with the cartoon mascot "the kool-aid man," known for bursting through walls to offer children the sugary beverage, and it has even earned him the moniker "Officer Bulldozer".
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