While homeless veterans starve, illegal 'migrants' in NYC complain about the free food they're receiving, throw it out

NEW YORK CITY - Talk about balls! You break into our country uninvited, then get put up in shelters, get three meals a day, and yet you complain about the meals you are getting for free! Here’s an idea–go back the hell where you came from! 

The New York Post reports that some migrants–otherwise known as illegal aliens–complained to the outlet that meals served at shelters in New York City were simply unacceptable–so “bad” that they often just throw them out, with some deciding to cook meals in their rooms instead. 

This comes after it was revealed that thousands of taxpayer-funded meals per day are tossed out because they aren’t good enough for illegal aliens.

The Post spoke to several unhappy aliens who revealed the free meals simply weren’t up to their standards of what should constitute free food. 

“No one likes the food,” said Jesus Alberto, who fled the paradise known as Venezuela, outside the Roosevelt Hotel, the city’s main “migrant” intake center. 

“Without lying, it’s bad, bad,” he complained. 

Migrants receive various meals, including pancakes and quecas, which are fried tortillas for breakfast; sandwiches for lunch; and dinners that include chicken alfredo and chicken with spaghetti. 

Post staff witnessed a number of illegal families bringing groceries back to the hotel last week–including strollers filled with boxes of Cheerios and cornflakes, bags filled with bread and pasta, and “health food” such as chips. 

“There is a lot of food left over because people eat in their rooms,” said another illegal, Victor Herrera, to the Post. 

“A lot of people get food on the street because it tastes better and there’s better variety,” Herrera added. 

You can guarantee the American taxpayers are also footing the bill for that. 

Another illegal, Johana Roa, 23, said the breakfasts are varied but don’t meet her requirements. 

“The breakfast they give us is very sweet. They give us pancakes, donuts, and cookies for breakfast at 6 am. It is too sweet to give to my daughter, so I just take a few things.” 

“Nothing healthy apart from eggs and fruit, apples and oranges. No oats,” she continued. 

Still probably better than meals received by homeless veterans sleeping in tent cities, but we digress. 

Roa also complained, "the food is very cold, and they don’t let us heat anything. You can’t heat the food.” She did admit that she keeps a rice cooker in the shelter room at the Roosevelt, which she shares with her 2-year-old daughter. 

“They don’t let us cook, so the mothers have rice pots we cook with. We make rice and meat in the rice pot in the room,” Roa said. 

‘I try to cook as much as I can in our room so my daughter doesn’t eat too much food from the street. It’s not healthy.” 

Yet another mother, Alexandra Salas, who has been sucking off the US taxpayer’s teat for seven months at the Roosevelt, also complained about so-called cold meals. 

“The breakfast and lunch is so cold we can’t eat it, so it gets thrown in the trash,” she complained. 

“They serve sandwiches for lunch, but they are freezing cold.” 

The Post story came after records obtained by the New York Times showed one company that serves meals to illegals across New York City threw out over 70,000 “wasted” meals between October 22 and November 22.

That company, DocGo, was awarded a $432 million no-bid contract by the city to help provide meals to illegals. That company, however, does not provide food for The Roosevelt. 

DocGo, which parlayed its previous COVID-testing firm into a “migrant” shelter organization, receives approximately $33 per day from the city to provide three meals to each of the estimated 4,000 “asylum seekers,” which translates to roughly $776,000 in wasted taxpayer money for discarded food. 

“We take the health and safety of migrants in our care very seriously, and that includes providing them with proper nutritional meals,” a City Hall spokesperson said in response to an inquiry from The Post about the complaining foreigners. 

“As we continue to adjust food orders to improve quality, quantity, and respond to cultural preferences, we are dedicated to providing those in our care with enough food while at the same time being responsible stewards of public resources.” 

The city claims that meal consumption by illegals is at 93%, a far cry from the estimates provided by DogGo. 

“DocGo continually monitors food consumption and works to proactively identify opportunities for savings on behalf of NYC,” a DocGo spokesperson said. 

“The cost of all meals is passed through directly to the City without any markup, and the majority of the meals are procured through nonprofits, minority-and woman-owned caterers, and other small businesses.” 

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Perhaps it's time for a Clean Sweep, Fore and Aft. This is not going to end well for the ILLEGALS.


Or the taxpayers who have to foot the bill.


These ingrates should be deported and sent back to their own hell-holes. It's easier, however, to bring their hell-holes into our once-stable country, expecting for us to pay for their housing and meals. Biden loves it ( he created the mess int he first place), and there is NOTHING we can do about it.


We can impeach corrupt Biden and throw him out of office, that's what. And stop electing such clowns in the future.

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