'Yes - we have a massive threat here in America': U.S. faces 7300% surge in Venezuelan migration

The last three years have seen a notable 7300% surge in the number of people migrating from Venezuela to the United States, influenced by changes in U.S. immigration policies. However, this substantial increase has raised concerns, illustrated by an incident involving Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan migrant, who committed a crime in the U.S.

The United States has experienced a significant surge in migrants from Venezuela, marking a substantial 7300% increase under the Biden administration's open border policies. The relaxation of entry rules allows individuals like Ibarra and his brother to enter the U.S., despite their use of counterfeit green cards.

Ibarra and his brother, both with a history of criminal activities, managed to cross the U.S. southern border. Despite being apprehended, they were released into the country under parole conditions. This scenario is one of many has sparked discussions about the efficacy of the current immigration system and its ability to screen individuals with potential criminal backgrounds.

One consequence of this migration surge is the tragic murder of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student, by Ibarra. This incident unfolded on the University of Georgia campus, shedding light on the potential dangers associated with individuals entering the U.S. under loose immigration policies.

Ibarra moved to Athens, Georgia, attracted by its designation as an illegal alien sanctuary. This status meant that individuals like Ibarra, with questionable immigration status, could find refuge in such cities, posing challenges to law enforcement and public safety.

The surge in Venezuelan migrants has also triggered concerns about the country's association with terrorism. The Venezuelan government's issuance of travel documents to individuals linked to terrorism and its ties with Iran have raised questions about the potential presence of terrorist groups.

According to a State Department report, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro and his associates engage in criminal activities to maintain their power, fostering an environment conducive to known terrorist groups. This includes connections with communist revolutionaries like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-D) and the Colombian National Liberation Army (ELN).

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