Meet the duo behind the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame

Editor note: Kyle Reyes, the owner of The 1776 Project (which owns Law Enforcement Today, Blue Lives Matter and several other brands) is being inducted into the National Law Enforcement Hall of Fame.  If anyone is interested in attending the event and meeting Reyes and the other inductees or sponsoring the evening, tickets and information can be found here. 


Written by Amy Shiffert, Staff Sergeant, USAF

The National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame is an exceptional organization co-founded by two friends and deeply rooted in community, family, and respect. What started as a small, modest luncheon in Northwest Ohio has rocketed into a national annual event of paramount importance.

The Co-Founders are Megan Stockburger and Adam Davenport. Megan was raised by a police officer. While her particular gifts for relationship-building and superb organizational skills led to a career in event planning, her upbringing instilled a deep appreciation and commitment in her.

She is a fierce proponent of law enforcement officers, with the life experience and perspective to back it up. Adam was raised with the same values and work ethic by a dad with an entrepreneurial spirit. Adam's charisma and networking skills, coupled with his ideas and guidance, helped shape Adam's career path as he started his own business.

Both Co-Founders attended Cardinal Stritch High School and attained their degrees at BGSU, connected as friends continuously.

A few years into each of their careers, Adam reached out to Megan. She was now running her own event-planning business, and he enlisted her expertise for his business event: The Entrepreneurial & Business Excellence Hall of Fame. That event was quite successful, and the two of them have continued puttng it on together for 14 years running.

Megan's recently-retired father attended the event in 2016. He inspired a passion project that has grown into an official non-profit with a simple question: "Why doesn't anyone do something like this for law enforcement?"

Adam and Megan set to work answering that call.

Serving the public as an officer is a noble and honorable career choice. Unfortunately, this path also involves significant stress and sacrifice, and not just for the officer. Family, friends, and neighbors of police can attest to this lifestyle being heroic and honorable, yet difficult for anyone close to an officer. Especially at present, law enforcement officers do not receive the recognition, appreciation, or respect they deserve.

The Hall of Fame not only gives law enforcement a night to be aptly and properly honored and celebrated. The organization provides a year-round platform to boast, uplift, and widely dispense positive stories in law enforcement. The organization strives to carry on the legacy of officers who gave their careers and sometimes lives to service of others.

To these heroes, being a law enforcement officer was not a chosen career path. Rather, it was an answered calling; the act of a humble and generous American striving to keep his or her community safe.

Despite the adversity faced during this contentious and highly-politicized time, the Hall of Fame has connected people across the US in their love for law enforcement and this great country. In 2019, through the encouragement of industry friends, the organization went national. In 2023, the organization moved to Texas and became an official non-profit.

With each passing year, the ripple effects of this special night grow tremendously. So many heroes and their families have been recognized and awarded, making a difference in their lives as they spent years doing for each of us. In a national climate that often feels unappreciative at best and completely adversary at worst, the Hall of Fame is making great strides to educate and influence the public positively.

This organization strives to overwhelm the negativity with stories of bravery and inspiration.

A major future goal of the organization is to create a lifestyle support program for officers and their families. However, continuing this important work requires the support and help of anyone reading this. Without the assistance of sponsors such as Bear Arms Tactical, The National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Fox + Hound K9 Foundation and private donors, the Hall of Fame would not have accomplished all it has so far, and certainly would not be able to continue.

It is of paramount importance that we uplift and support the organization that strives to do the same for our over 700,000 heroes.

This piece was written by a local Northwest Ohio fan and veteran who stands in awe of all that has been accomplished, and everything that lies ahead for an astounding organization with such a noble purpose.

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