‘Gender-bending’ elementary school teacher couple busted in prostitution sting

CHATTANOOGA, TN – A couple of elementary school substitute teachers who worked in the Hamilton County Schools district, who also happen to be some kind of a romantic couple, were apparently hemmed up in a prostitution sting this past August.

Of particular note regarding the incident, which local reports omitted, is that aside from the alleged prostitution in which the couple engaged regularly, the pair also happen embody and promote a ‘queer’ lifestyle.

In late August, authorities in Chattanooga cited 22-year-old Ezra Fry and 25-year-old David Acevedo for prostitution, amid a handful of other charges, following an undercover sting where an officer posed as a “john” and connected with Fry through “an illicit prostitution website” where an unlawful encounter was arranged.

Fry allegedly told the officer prior to the meet-up a variety of things Fry would and would not do during the encounter, as well as informing the officer that the rate was $150 and to meet him at his home “because my husband is here,” and Fry felt safer in that Fry assumed the undercover officer was merely a new/unfamiliar client.

However, things did not go according to plan from the perspective of the two suspects accused of being in the hooking business, as the presumed new client brought along a handful of other officers and detained both Fry and Acevedo at their residence located off of Orchard Knob Avenue.

According to the report from the incident, officers on scene discovered “a large amount of drug paraphernalia,” as well as an unlawfully possessed .22 caliber revolver. Both Fry and Acevedo were subsequently given misdemeanor citations for unlawful drug paraphernalia, prostitution or promoting prostitution, unlawful possession of a firearm, and simple possession.

Per the incident report, both Fry and Acevedo told officers they’d been prostituting for years, claiming that they “have to do this or they will starve.” The suspects also told police where they respectively worked during the ordeal, with the two saying they were special education teachers at Woodmore Elementary and Calvin Donaldson Elementary.

Hamilton County Schools did confirm that Fry and Acevedo had worked for various schools via a substitute teacher staffing company, but spokesman Steve Doremus added that it was his understanding that neither of the two have done any substitute work within the county since late August.

Local reporting on the arrest managed to omit details regarding Fry and Acevedo’s other intriguing element of their respective lifestyles, namely the gender-bending portion.

Nor did local reports highlight the controversy Fry was involved in this past April when accusations surfaced accusing Fry of being a biological male and forcing elementary-aged students to refer to him as “Mrs. Fry”. Fry was subsequently asked to not return to the elementary school following the April incident.
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These sick and twisted individuals should have never been allowed to be allowed anywhere near children. Apparently the school system does not do a thorough background check.





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